NYPD Criminal History Search on Adrian Schoolcraft, Father and Sister May Have Violated State Rules, Records Show

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Two weeks ago, the Voice reported that the NYPD performed criminal records searches on whistle-blowing police officer Adrian Schoolcraft, his father, Larry, and his sister during the course of an administrative, non-criminal investigation into Schoolcraft's decision to leave work an hour early back in 2009. Now, we're a little closer to knowing whether the police violated state rules in performing those searches.

This all dates back to the period following October 2009. On October 7, Schoolcraft had given evidence of manipulation of crime reports to NYPD investigators. Three weeks later, on October 31, Schoolcraft, feeling threatened by a supervisor, went home early. Hours later, a retinue of police bosses and heavily armed officers came into his apartment and dragged him to the Jamaica Hospital psych ward.

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Schoolcraft remained there for six days against his will. After that, he moved upstate to live with his father. It was during that period that the NYPD performed the criminal records searches--a fact confirmed by documents and, more recently, by the city's lawyers in a federal court hearing.

As we reported recently, Schoolcraft not under criminal investigation. And neither was his father or his sister. In fact, his sister lives in Texas and had no idea what was happening to her brother at the time. So, the question became, was it kosher for the NYPD to run not only his name, but those of his father and sister?

The Voice has obtained the criminal records search agreement between the NYPD and the state Department of Criminal Justice Services, which oversees the database.

Under that agreement, there are a series of "authorized inquiries," which are specified in appendix a of the agreement, which was obtained through the Freedom of Information Law.

Searches are allowed for fingerprint submissions, during a criminal investigations, for a jail or prison inquiry, for investigations related to warrants and wanted persons, for prosective employment in law enforcements agencies, and for people who work as contractors for law enforcement agencies.

In short, it doesn't look like the searches of the Schoolcrafts' name fall under any of those approved inquiries. The question now is whether anyone's going to look into this possible misuse of one of the more sensitive databases that exists.

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Lt Angelo Burgos. He is retired now. He has a page on linked in. Check out my lawsuit. I had all of them served starting with Kelly and Campisi.


ps Lt Angelo Burgow would not respond to an email asking for Sgt Chen and Det John Vergona's badge numbers. I sent the email to Kelly, Campisi, Esposito and DI Ed Winski. No response. I asked IAB for their badge numbers and the name of Delita Hooks special NYPD detectives who met with her not me. Det Vergona refused to meet with me even though he was confused about which eye despite video and photos and medical reports. He said I don't care if you have 2 black eyes. IAB is corrupt. Include them in all NYPD lawsuits and testify against IAB when we get our new commission in to NYPD IAB corruption. I am.



Unlike Lt Angelo Burgos, Sgt Chen. DI Ed Winski, Chief Banks and new commander Timoney responded to me not treating me like IAB players and Lt Agnes of the try not to laugh -- the Integrity Bureau.

Capt Timoney said I am sure IAB will respond promptly. I said no disrespect but IAB responds like a turtle in molasses.


The link has a link in the text portion of Dr Fagelman's Delita Hooks false cross complaint that Det John Vergona used to threatened me with false arrest and finally succeed in coercing me to drop charges Sat Oct 29 2012. Coercion is a serious crime. Check the 2 links. I was clearly the victim but they did a criminal background check on me. I have no record. I will be filing the next stage of my lawsuit against Ray Kelly and IAB head Campisi nov 15 which will have a retaliation page laying out the many reasons NYPD and IAB fixed this like many other crimes like a Las Vegas Casino. Kelly and Campisi notified me via their lawyer they want to defend Det Vergona. IAB let him retire and we could not track him down on Staten Island. The Honorable Judge sided with me and said help me. Ray Kelly and IAB chief let me know where retired cop Vergona lives!!!! One Police Plaza. You all told me Kelly was corrupt! I understand. Ray Kelly taking free rides on Air Bloomberg for him and his wife a big clue. He isn't allowed to take a free cup of coffee.

Vergogna in Italian means shame. I have 2 audios. I at The First Precinct with PO Migori turning me away and Sgt Chen who said I could report Delita Hooks can't muster the courage or humanity to face me, u hear me call DI Winski, IAB and CCRB.

2nd audio IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell. Both are on YouTube. You hear her say case closed.

IAB lt Fikru said the video speaks for itself but he was only investigation O'Donnell. He won't return my calls.

Time for a new Commission in to NYPD IAB corruption. I will be the 2nd to last to testify and will include Rosemari Nam's motion to dismiss that shows Lt Burgos opened and closed my case for 24 hours. He didn't think Ron Kuby's letter 2 day after my weekend date to be false arrested 19 days after the assault and battery at Dr Fagelman with Drlita Hooks false cross complaint and Ron writing Suzannah Troy drops the charges against her attacker... He uses the word attacker. IAB I learned does not know the meaning of the word "coercion". Coercion is a crime, not a policing tool. I will submit Kelly and Campisi's lawyer letter offering to pay for retired Vergona's legal bills - oops- the tax payers pay for NYPD IAB ........... U fill in the word.

pendragon3 topcommenter

"The question now is whether anyone's going to look into this possible misuse of one of the more sensitive databases that exists." I wouldn't hold my breath!! Not while Bloomberg has anything to say or do about it!!

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