The President's Visit to Crown Heights Will Shut Down Prospect Park for Six Hours, Reroute Buses

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"'Yes We Can' screw up your commute."
President Obama is scheduled to address students Friday at Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), a full two miles from Prospect Park. And yet, the park announced via its website that it will be shut during the President's visit. There are also scheduled service changes to bus routes in the area, according to the MTA.

On Tuesday, there were sightings of helicopters taking off and landing the park (swag), a sign that the President might be using the park as a landing strip for his visit (swag swag).

Aside from the park shutdown, there will be an impact on the surrounding roads. His visit will likely also snarl traffic in the area. MTA Spokesperson Deirdre Parker tells Runnin' Scared that the B15, B43, and B65 buses will be rerouted Friday afternoon.

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Parker notes that other bus lines might be affected even if there is no formal detour plan for them.

"There are no planned detours on the B12, B16, B44, B45, and B49. However, those routes may experience delays from Prospect Park to Bergen Street between Albany and Troy avenues during the motorcade procession," explains Parker.

Check the MTA's website for updates regarding affected bus lines.

Given how dramatically several of Obama's previous visits to the city have affected above- and below-ground traffic, Runnin' Scared encourages you to plan for the worst.

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Jennifer Convery
Jennifer Convery

who the f**k cares? it's the president of the United States.


Prospect Park should be permanently shut down and sold off to lower the sales tax  rate in NYC. At night it is dangerous and the CIty spends all the dough on limoland's Central Park.


@goldThere's a better way to lower the sales tax rate in NYC. It's called TAX WALL STREET. In fact, there's a new political party forming called the "Tax Wall Street Party."

This new party has a candidate running for mayor of NYC. His name is Randy Credico.

Pity the president has already endorsed de Blasio. Yet as the president has been a big disappointed to progressives, the chance to wave the middle finger in his face is a vote for Credico in the Nov. 5th election. Credico won't beat de Blasio, of course. But if he gives Lhota a run for the money then the cry to TAX WALL STREET could quickly go national. The party hacks, both left and right, Wall Street has bought and paid for will have to start listening to people like you who are SICK of being taxed up the you know what. Go check out Credico, and if you can donate to his campaign.

Here are some ads he made...

These would be great on NYC cable. So donate if you can.

And here's an excellent documentary on Credico. It's called "60 Spins Around the Sun."


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