Watch Ray Kelly Driven From the Stage by Hecklers at Brown University

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Ray Kelly arrived at Brown University yesterday prepared to speak about the "proactive policing" policies he has implemented as NYPD commissioner, including stop-and-frisk.

Brown students, it's clear from video shot in the auditorium yesterday, were equally prepared to keep him from speaking. Every time Kelly started a sentence -- as soon as he started it -- he was shouted down by protesters reading their own prepared remarks, also on the topic of stop-and-frisk.

Trying to control the crowd at one point, Margaret Klawunn, vice president for campus life and student services at Brown, told the students, "It has to be a basic principle of this university that we allow for free speech."

"Whose free speech?!" the crowd shouted back.

After several unsuccessful attempts to placate the protestors, Klawunn told everyone to go home while Kelly stood off to one side, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

Here's a video of the incident, courtesy of the Brown Political Review.

And another, courtesy of the Brown Daily Herald.

In a letter sent out yesterday, Brown president Christina Paxson called the protest "a sad day for the Brown community." She added she would be reaching out to Kelly "to convey my deepest regret for the manner in which he was treated on our campus this afternoon."

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