Here's the Location of Banksy's Second New York Artwork Discovered in the Last Two Days

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This morning, Banksy's second piece in his month-long show went live on his site, just a few hours after his first piece, The Street Is in Play, was tagged, defaced, rebuilt, then finally buffed. The second piece has no title and is located in the impossibly vague "Westside." Luckily, Runnin' Scared has tracked it down. Hint: It's on the West Side.

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The Banksy hotline (800-656-4271) was no help at all. No extension has been posted for this new piece yet. We went out on a limb and guessed #2, but were thwarted by the deliciously weird voice on the phone, who told us to listen to some waiting music apropos of nothing.

Gothamist reports that they've located the second piece, this time in Chelsea.

The location and a map are on the next page!!

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Aleksey Bochkovsky
Aleksey Bochkovsky

his works get snagged all the time. But you can always purchase most of reproductions in London Banksy Store, so much for "anti-commercialism". Printed in China? )

Rio KV
Rio KV

So over people dropping artists' names and using words like "passe"


Oh Banksy, you're so delightfully droll!!!!!!!

James Wootton
James Wootton

he might end up on Rikers Island if he continues. Then again, NYC ain't the suburbs of some middle class area where the deputy would charge you with a felony for farting in an elevator

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