The New Banksy Is Somewhere in Brooklyn, a Paean to the Heart-Shaped Helium Balloon [UPDATED]

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After the excitement of this weekend's magical truck of paradise, this morning's newest Banksy piece is a little less ambitious: It's a heart-shaped balloon, somewhere on a gray wall in Brooklyn, covered in bandages (or "plasters," as those wacky Queen's-English-speakers call them).

And then, because this is Banksy, the accompanying audio guide shoots it all to hell. Over a syrupy piano background, a saccharine voice proclaims: "The helium balloon. An object of such poetry. Its lightness, its fragility, its way of wandering on the breeze. This piece is obviously an iconic representation of the battle to survive a broken heart. It's an uplifting visual poem to that most fragile of human emotions, that seem to move within us as if on a soft breeze."

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Record scratch. Sucking sound. Helium voice. "Hey check this out. Yeah, yeah, hey, this doesn't hurt your throat, does it? I sound like Mickey Mouse..." Someone's best attempt at a Brooklyn accent: "Minnie, I got something fa yew ... yeah, come on Minnie..."

And here we are, feeling a little creeped out by a helium balloon. Thanks, Banksy. Thanks a bunch. We'll keep you updated with the location once we find it.

A helpful commenter points us to it! Click through, if you would.

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