10 Ideas Under $10 for Your Week: Topless in Greenpoint, Wu-Tang Art, and Marcel Dzama at BookCourt

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Kava Gorna

Our first taste of winter weather today does not mean your social life must go into hibernation mode. We've got a few things lined up this week that will definitely keep your wallet full and your blood pumping.


[Art] A group of artists have combined their collective works to honor WuTang's 20th anniversary. "WU HA | 20 20," an extensive exhibition, features artists who, through their own unique vision, have created works inspired by Wu­Tang. WuTang Hybrid Arts is a yearlong initiative that brings forth a range of mediums from photography, oil painting, sculpture, digital media, food, duct tape, screen printing, mirrored acrylic, zines, clothing, legos, gold leaf, the internet, audio and beyond. Yes, gold leaf.

Gallery opens at 11 a.m., Wall Play, free.

[Art] In honor of Veteran's Day, the School of Visual Arts and the Veteran Coalition of Arts presents "Declassified: The Price of Freedom Is Evident Here," its second annual group exhibition, featuring work by SVA students that have been created while studying under the GI Bill. The group show pays homage to SVA's longtime association with veterans, who were the college's first students, and explores how military experiences have shaped the work of the participating artists.

At 7 p.m., George Washington Residence, free.

[Games] Which famous movie star with a major receding hairline once said as a young slacker punk in a 1983 film: "That techno-rock you guys listen to is gutless"? Think you know? If so, you'll be probably win at tonight's Movie Trivia at Videology, where you'll be quizzed through six rounds of "incredibly tough" movie (and sometimes television) trivia. Good luck!

At 8:30 p.m., Videology, Brooklyn, free.

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