Cringeworthy Photos From de Blasio and Bloomberg's First Meeting Since the Election

Categories: Election 2013

Outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio met at City Hall Wednesday morning for the first time since Tuesday's election.

You know, the election where de Blasio campaigned against Bloomberg's proudest achievements -- like the rich getting richer while the poor are left behind (a period of economic prosperity, to Bloomberg), and stop-and-frisk (an important crime-reduction tool). De Blasio's was the same campaign Mayor Bloomberg called "racist," with shades of "class warfare."

De Blasio later told reporters it was a "very productive meeting," but it looked ... uncomfortable.

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epac666 topcommenter

I don't get it...what's so "uncomfortable" about those pics?


Why are these cringe worthy and what is the clock on the railing (a timer of how long the meeting has been underway)?

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