Hello, Brooklyn: Eric Adams Is Your New Borough President. Here are Your City Council Reps and Judges, Too.

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Eric Adams (far right) at the Brooklyn Public Library
Brooklyn has spoken: former police officer and state senator Eric Adams will succeed Marty Markowitz as borough president. Adams has said the latter turned Brooklyn "from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan."

Election day brought fresh blood to Brooklyn: Ken Thompson beat incumbent District Attorney Charles Hynes (again) -- in spite of the latter's bizarre dancehall campaign jingle. A new crop of City Council members were voted into office, too.

Borough President
WINNER: Eric Adams, Democratic Party, 90 percent
Elias J. Weir, Conservative Party

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District Attorney
WINNER: Kenneth Thompson, Democratic Party, 73.5 percent
Charles Hynes, Republican Party, Conservative Party

City Council, 33rd District
WINNER: Stephen T. Levin, Democratic Party, Working Families Party
John A. Jasilli, Conservative Party)

City Council, 34th District
WINNER: Antonio Reynoso, Democratic Party, Working Families Party)
Gladys Santiago, School Choice Party)

City Council, 35th District
WINNER: Laurie A. Cumbo, Democratic Party, Working Families Party)

City Council, 36th District
WINNER: Robert E. Cornegy Jr., Democratic Party)
Veronica L. Thompson, Republican Party)
Kirsten John Foy, Working Families Party)

City Council, 37th District
WINNER: Rafael L. Espinal Jr., Democratic Party)
Michael Freeman-Saulsberre, Conservative Party)
Kimberly Council, Working Families Party)

City Council, 38th District
WINNER: Carlos Menchaca (Democratic Party, Working Families Party)
Henry Lallave (Conservative Party)

City Council, 39th District
WINNER: Brad Lander, Democratic Party, Working Families Party)
James E. Murray, Conservative Party)

City Council, 40th District
WINNER: Mathieu Eugene, Democratic Party, Working Families Party)
Brian W. Kelly, Conservative Party)
Sylvia G. Kinard, Rent Is 2 Damn High Party)

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