Brown University Considering Action Against Students Who Heckled Ray Kelly

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David Shankbone
The sweet victory some Brown University students tasted last week when they successfully drove NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly from the stage during a campus appearance is about to sour -- administrators look poised to bring the hammer down on the students involved.

In a letter addressed to the Brown University community on Wednesday, President Christina Paxson said the administration is forming a committee to review the incident. The group, which will be made up of five faculty members and three students (two undergrads, one grad student), will "be charged with making findings and recommendations" about what should happen to those students who they determine were involved in the incident.

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In the letter, Paxson suggests that some students may face disciplinary action. In the past, "students who violated the Code of Student Conduct have been asked to accept responsibility for their actions," she writes.

A Brown student who was active in the protest tells the Voice that students will be meeting Wednesday evening to discuss the letter and how to respond. We'll update with more information after the meeting.

Read Paxson's full letter

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