Brown University Considering Action Against Students Who Heckled Ray Kelly

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David Shankbone
The sweet victory some Brown University students tasted last week when they successfully drove NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly from the stage during a campus appearance is about to sour -- administrators look poised to bring the hammer down on the students involved.

In a letter addressed to the Brown University community on Wednesday, President Christina Paxson said the administration is forming a committee to review the incident. The group, which will be made up of five faculty members and three students (two undergrads, one grad student), will "be charged with making findings and recommendations" about what should happen to those students who they determine were involved in the incident.

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In the letter, Paxson suggests that some students may face disciplinary action. In the past, "students who violated the Code of Student Conduct have been asked to accept responsibility for their actions," she writes.

A Brown student who was active in the protest tells the Voice that students will be meeting Wednesday evening to discuss the letter and how to respond. We'll update with more information after the meeting.

Read Paxson's full letter

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See... Kelly may not be such a great guy, but to stoop so low as to heckle him and refuse to let him speak? That's just immature... you won't win a fight by acting like a child.


This is the trouble: Harvard has not approved.  You see there are three ivy schools: Princeton, Harvard and Yale.  That's it. The rest play in that sports league, but they are not considered anything special by the big three. A guest is invited to speak. He is going to work at JP Morgan now, largest bank in US and tied to Harvard and Yale. So Brownies decided to act like children and, here's the worst, act like the CCNY kids who used to scream at Patreus when he was going to lectures. Patreus left CCNY and went back to his proper pasture - Harvard. The NYPD's Chief is leaving that post and going  to JPM (Harvard).  Brownies imitated CCNY? Ouch, ouch, ouch!  So 60's.  Harvard runs the Trotskyite hoardes these days from the White House.  The moral:don't pick a fight with Harvard. Trotsky IS the establishment. Scream at some jerk from Columbia or NYU.  Kids today (sigh) they look at the old photos and imagine they are Lenin at the Finland Station or Abbey Hoffman in Chicago. Lenin who? Abbey who? Chill. Read the V V articles about cheap booze and get ready for NYC social justice - higher taxes for the poor. The rich do not pay taxes' never have, never will. What, no protest?  Drink more, protest less, go to Harvard.

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