Guess How Much the CEOs of These 10 New York Charities Make

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The holiday season is officially upon us, or, as it is known in the nonprofit world, the "giving season."

Giving season -- loosely defined as November and December -- is the months when holiday cheer and consumer guilt hit their respective peaks. Mix in the fact that it's also, conveniently, the end of the tax year, and all the elements are in place to create the time of year when charitable giving levels are highest.

For those feeling uncommonly generous right about now, there are resources that can help you decide where your donation will be put to the best use. Charity Navigator is a website that monitors how effectively charities across the country are run.

New York has 661 large charities, according to the organization, the most of any city in the country. The CEOs of New York-based charities also make the most of any city in the country: $190,001, on average.

Three of New York's nonprofits were called out in Charity Navigator's annual study of the highest-paid CEOs of nonprofits nationwide.

1. Kenneth L. Davis, MD, Ichan Medical School
Base compensation: $522,500
Bonus & incentive compensation: $630,175
Other compensation: $125,347
Total: $1,305,157

2.Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Rockefeller University
Base compensation: $793,478
Other compensation: $364,312
Total: $1,258,703

3. Thomas P. Campbell, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Base compensation: $698,789
Total: $1,113,585

Figures are for the most recent year available, usually fiscal year 2011. All three CEOs had housing allowances or residences provided to them as part of their compensation packages.

They're not the only ones raking in dough, though. Here are a seven other extremely well-compensated CEOs of New York charities.

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