Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wives, It's Snowing Very Lightly

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(Video via instagram user AlwaysBeenMad)

Yes. Your eyeballs, your weather apps, and the frenzied squeakings of everyone on every social media site may be believed: it's snowing. In Central Park, the rain changed to snow around 6:40 a.m. The weather forecast calls for light snow in every borough this morning and a high of around 41 degrees in Manhattan.

Here in Cobble Hill, where one-fourth of your blogging team wakes up, the snow looks more like mist, settling gently on the trash bags and the Buick-sized strollers filled with children named Milo and Olivia. All over the city, people are losing their minds:

It's not even 9 a.m., and hundreds of photos and videos and pixelated words have been created about this momentous snow-event:

Some people are vowing revenge if the snow gets anywhere near them:

It's also snowing in Coney Island, where Tom's appears to already have an inflatable Santa set up. Too early, Tom's.

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And even the city's cats can't look away:

It'll clear up by this afternoon, but there's a freeze warning in effect for tonight. All the better to sit inside and edit your first 500 snow photos.

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what was the topless book club reading?         


Hey Anna, it's going to get below freezing here in Dallas tonight.

France Nebout
France Nebout

Oh shit...just when I'm planning a trip to the Big A!!

Marcia Wood
Marcia Wood

Fire and Brimstone! The sky is falling! The snow is falling! Get out quick!

studiesincrap topcommenter

My cat is under a blanket in my lap as he damn well should be during a Snowmageddon.

Anna_Merlan_Voice topcommenter

@NewsDog That's TERRIBLE. Wasn't it like 73 yesterday? It'll be back up to 105 by the end of the week, I'm sure. 

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