Tish James Wins Public Advocate and Scott Stringer Is Your New Comptroller, New York

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Tish James Public Advocate Victory

In another not very surprising race, City Councilmember Leticia "Tish" James has handily won the Public Advocate seat, edging out her opponents from the Green Party, the Libertarians, the War Veterans, the Freedom Party, the Conservative Party, and the Socialist Workers, marking the first time you've ever seen the names of most of those groups.

With an estimated turnout of 400,000 citywide, James took 82.9 percent of the vote, or 367,681 people. Most of the other candidates didn't squeak above 1 percent, and only one, the Conservative Party's Robert Maresca, even approached James, hitting 12.9 percent. Maresca is a Long Islander best known for trying to trademark the phrase "Occupy Wall Street" in October 2011.

Tonight was actually James' third victory; after Primary Day, she and Daniel Squadron proceeded to a bitterly fought, poorly attended runoff one that cost $13 million, or more than six times the yearly budget of the Public Advocate's office. James won that runoff with about 60 percent of the vote.

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None of the third-party candidates were even remotely viable. Only Deborah O. Liatos from the Socialist Workers and James Lane from the Green Party actually responded to questions to questions for a voter guide produced by the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

Here's the breakdown looked at 11:35, with a little over half the precincts reporting:

Letitia James, Democrat: 82.9 percent (367,681 votes)
Robert P. Maresca, Conservative Party : 12.9 percent (57,019 votes)
James Lane, Green Party: 1.8 percent (7,847 votes)
Alex Merced, Libertarian: 1.1 percent (4,757 votes)
Deborah Liatos, Socialist Worker Party: 0.6 percent (1,892 votes)
Irene Estrada, War Veterans Party: 0.4 percent (2,164 votes)
Mollena Fabricant, Students First: 0.2 percent (1,178 votes)
Michael Lloyd, Freedom Party : 0.2 percent (901 votes)

--Anna Merlan

Comptroller results on page two...

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