10 Weekend Ideas Under $10: Guts at Abrons Art Center, Acting: The First Six Lessons at NYU

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Abrons Arts Center

This weekend is all about testing your boundaries and seeing what you're truly made of. Experience what it's really like to push yourself to the limit at an experimental art show, watch a bad actress make a deal with the devil, plus much more. Don't be scared! Well, maybe a little.


[Art] This art show is about having the courage, nerve, and audacity to push yourself and your artwork to the next level. "Guts," featuring work by Amanda Alfieri, Brent Birnbaum, Alberto Borea, Abigail Deville, George Ferrandi, Nate Hill, Irvin Morazan, William Powhida, and Letha Wilson, involves "loud, provocative action, handling of materials, or engagement with [the artists'] environments." For example Ferrandi took her art to the subway and slept on strangers as way to "resculpt" the space between her body and someone else's. Tonight's opening includes new performances from Alfieri, Birnbaum, and Hill. Each performer will push the boundaries of their bodily presence -- both virtual and literal -- into potentially unacceptable social realms while at the same time challenging their historic predecessors.

At 6 p.m., Abrons Arts Center, free.

[Party] Each year since 2001, political activist, poet, writer, and original Real World cast member Kevin Powell hosts a Holiday Party and Clothing Drive for the Homeless. Tonight's party features music by Berry & Company, DJ Herbert Holler, and Sophia Domeville, and is hosted by comedian Alex Carabano.

At 7 p.m., (Le) Poisson Rouge, free with the donation of clean, new or used coat, scarf, or gloves for homeless youth.

[Party] Mono No Aware VII is annual affair that unites film, dance, music, and art. The festival features the work of 25 international artists, all of whom will be in attendance. The party tonight includes a water/light installation and features performance art, guided meditation, and a video camera reading. Sounds intriguing.

At 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday, Light Space Studios, Brooklyn, free.

[Talk/Performance art] Tonight's event at 3rd Space includes artist and writer Judith Sloan, along with writer and designer Warren Lehrer performing their work in progress YOMISS! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide. The performance fuses the art of theater, radio, and poetry. A Q&A with the artists follows.

At 7 p.m., Queens Council on the Arts, Queens, free.

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