Brawlers Fight For No Ostensible Reason on the Q Train [Kinda NSFW]

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Screencap via LiveLeak
Conflict resolution is a lost art. Two men were caught on film trying to beat each other up on the Q train. The video, titled "Marine VS Gangster on Subway", shows two men slap-fighting and poll-kicking each other in subway car while its other passengers huddle at the other end of the coach.

It's not clear who started the fight, who is the Marine and who is the "gangster," or if this is a longstanding feud or just a one-off. We are sure, however, that the train is Queens-bound?

At one point, a woman who appears to be with the man in the blue hat tries to intervene, screaming "Stop!" and "Eli!" which we're going to assume is his name.

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The NSFW part? Well, the two men egg each other on with homophobic slurs. Lots of "fag" this and "faggot" that. Sigh.

The fighting stops when the train arrives at the station, but it's not clear if they're tired or just have to transfer to the J. Hey fellas: we know the R train tunnel closure is frustrating, but can't you just let the anger fester inside you like the rest of us?

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