With "Knockout Game" Back in Fashion, Rightbloggers Revive the Old Ooga Booga

tomt200.jpgThe most recent NYPD CompStat crime report shows 1,421 complaints of felonious assault in the City over 28 days. By the tabloid press' generous estimate, as many as 10 recent assaults may be attributed to something called "the knockout game," in which a black kid goes up to some random white person and punches him or her in the head.

These assaults -- and several similar ones in other cities -- would be deplorable whatever their cause or number but, to be real about it, they represent a small fraction of U.S. crime. Nonetheless the knockout game has become huge for rightbloggers, who have used the phenomenon to revive the old Ooga Booga -- that longstanding conservative campaign to convince their fellow white people that blacks are ganging up to commit race war against them.

We first heard about the "knockout game" many years ago -- here's a good rundown of its history -- but it had been little noticed in recent years before the recent uptick, with news organizations giving it sensational play.

E.g.: CNN, "Possible 'knockout' game victim: 'The whole group of kids laughed'" ("She was not seriously injured. Though Connolly had never heard of the 'knockout game' before the November 15 attack, she may be a victim of it. And she's not the only one"); Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Teacher's random assault being linked by some to youths' 'knockout game'"; Huffington Post, "My Son Was a Victim of the Knockout Game" ("I was told that I couldn't file because my son wasn't injured"); CBS New York, "Report: 'Knockout Game' Suspected In Bronx Attack" ("The 'knockout game' has been blamed for numerous other assaults, many of them in Brooklyn"); ABC San Diego, "San Diego woman may be victim of 'knockout' game" ("Although the incidents occurred about three weeks ago, Kim and her fiancé are coming forward now after seeing reports of similar assaults happening around the country..."); New York Daily News, "Woman struck in another possible 'knockout game' attack in Brooklyn" ("Police said they arrested a 27-year-old, who is possibly mentally disturbed, in connection with the attack"); etc.

"I can't remember much about them, officer, but they definitely weren't white."
The New York Post has devoted several stories to the knockout game -- for example, this front pager, headlined "SHE'S A KNOCKOUT" -- whoops, that's about a male Jets fan punching out some woman who supports the Patriots. Maybe that'll be the next big thing!

Nonetheless, despite the fact that a Google News search on "knockout game" at present gets you over 50,000 results, some rightbloggers thought the newspapers were actually covering it up.

"NBC News and the Associated Press want you to know there is no such thing as black mob violence," says Colin Flaherty at American Thinker -- who, as the author of a book about black people beating up white people, is deeply invested in the race-war scenario.

But "many episodes of black mob violence and mayhem -- including the Knockout Game -- are recorded on video and posted on YouTube," continued Flaherty. "Or Facebook. Or even bragged about on Twitter." He claims to have "thousands" of such incidents on tape -- he calls them "Bigfoot on Video" -- in which case we advise him to get rich splicing this footage together and marketing the result as a sort of Andy Warhol film for Klansmen. (Flaherty also says he's got "dozens of recent examples of black mob violence over the last two years." Only dozens, after thousands? Maybe the rate of "black mob violence" is actually going down!)

The Daily Caller had even more compelling proof of media malfeasance: A college professor who "told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview" that "the media are reluctant to cover the epidemic of 'knockout' attacks because the subject matter makes them uncomfortable." And them pointy-heads are all liberals, so you know the Prof must be telling the truth.

"The 'knockout game' -- and the media underreporting of it -- combines the breakdown of the family with the media's condescending determination to serve as a public relations bureau for blacks," announced black conservative Larry Elder. "...Consider the media reaction to the assault of three white girls on Halloween night, 2006, in Long Beach, Calif..." Coverage of this 2006 crime comprised most of Elder's column, along with coverage a similar incident in Milwaukee in 2011, and excoriations of fatherlessness. This is known in show business as "vamping."

Colin Flaherty, writing this time at WorldNetDaily and in a more positive mood, headlined, "Surprise! Media finally wake up to Knockout Game." But "they called it 'new,'" to which Flaherty objected: "WND, however, has documented hundreds of examples of the Knockout Game around the country over the last two years." Given that the U.S. Department of Justice reported 5,011,080 assault victimizations in 2011 and 5,754,010 in 2012, this doesn't seem significant, but Flaherty had a contemporary angle: He found a guy who "said he did that five times since the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin." There you go -- proof of black retaliation! (Flaherty's story was copied by the overtly racist American Renaissance site, which knows a recruiting opportunity when it sees one.)

"The Knockout Game: What Took the Conservative Media so Long to Notice?" asked American Thinker's Charles Martel ("the pseudonym of a conservative warrior," his byline tells us). He attacked some fellow rightbloggers as believing "whites are evidently the only group that isn't allowed to recognize certain facts." They may be conservative, but not conservative warriors, apparently.

Martel also denounced Matthew Yglesias, a Slate columnist who'd been beaten up by black guys in 2011 but didn't see any connection with a national get-whitey movement ("people shouldn't minimize these concerns about urban violence, but it accomplishes nothing in terms of tackling them to concoct weird trends and games out of thin air"). Martel called Yglesias a product of "good indoctrination and moral stupor." He wasn't the only one blaming the victim, as rightbloggers piled on to punish Yglesias for his race treason.

Yglesias "considers the unprovoked assault to be a 'random act of criminality,' one of those things that just happens, like pimples or the NSA reading your emails," wrote (it says here) Fabrizio del Wrongo of Uncouth Reflections, suggesting there's no such thing as random violence, at least where black people are concerned. He added, "I'm unclear if Yglesias believes he was not a victim of the 'knockout game' or if he simply thinks it's wrong to see the game as something to be concerned about." Maybe actually reading Yglesias' essay would help. (Speaking of literacy issues, Twitchy headlined, "Matt Yglesias says being assaulted by thugs proves 'knockout game' doesn't exist.")

"I'm struck by how our society wants victims of black-on-white violence to play the macho tough guy in public, as Yglesias tries to do here," said Steve Sailer of VDare. Sailer believed what happened was like this: "For youngish white male victims of black violence, the media's message is: Don't be a wimp. Walk it off, dude. Don't go crying about how it makes you feel..." Yeah, that comports with our experience of online journalists -- they're all tough guys!

Or maybe, suggested Sailer in an odd digression, Yglesias is like-a de woman, one who'd been raped: "Our culture has made much progress in better psychological treatment of women who are raped -- e.g., providing female cops to do the interviewing of the victim, counseling, support groups, and so forth. It helps crime victims to have your culture acknowledge the terrible thing done to you, and that it wasn't your fault. But this balm is selectively dispensed upon our culture's usual Who? Whom? lines." Sailer left that hanging, but clearly he hoped Yglesias would show him on the doll where the black guys touched him. (Before you write in, yes, we know about Sailer.)

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