Our Favorite Runnin' Scared Stories of the Year

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In no particular order, here are some of our favorite Runnin' Scared pieces of 2013.

100 Things a Teen Age Girl Wants to Know, According to a 1960s Faith-Healing Preacher Man by Alan Scherstuhl

A choice snippet from this flea market gem:

"Do not ever nag at him or complain too much about things. Why tell him his faults? Better to not say anything about his faults until he asks you. When you get mad, put a dipper of cold water in your mouth and hold it there till it boils."

C.S. Muncy
Cooper Union: Secret Transcript of Board of Trustee Meeting Reveals Talk of Shut Down by Sydney Brownstone

Revelations gleaned from the leaked documents:

Trustees have denied there was any ever real threat of closure. Two nights ago, the school hosted a forum with alumni and alumni trustees in the new academic building. When the alumni trustees were confronted with a question from alumnus Barry Drogin about the possibility of closure--specifically, language in a letter to the deans that cast doubt over whether the schools could be "sustained"--alumni trustee Peter Cafiero said a shutdown scenario was never taken seriously.

"There was never any serious support to close any of the schools," Cafiero said. "We had to consider all these options."

The transcript, however, suggests that closure of individual schools--at least in September--was a real option, not just a threat.

Who Is This Man and Why Is He Taking His Picture With So Many Citi Bikes? by Tessa Stuart

A unique New York mystery transpires online:

If you search the #CitiBike tag on Tumblr, this man's face will haunt you for pages on end. He pops up over and over again--in different places around town, in different positions on different Citi Bikes, but the same steely-eyed gaze staring back at you.

Image via Facebook
Mamdoh Eltouby, driving.
Queens Man Sues Car Dealership Over an Escalating Series of Insane Events by Anna Merlan

This is just one highlight from this thoroughly crazy story:

Instead, Tuhin went back to the dealership and told them he was returning the car and revoking the contract. But when he tried to bring the car back onto the lot, Dewan and several other people wouldn't let him onto the lot or take the car back. One salesperson, according to the suit, "threatened him that among the myriad papers he was pressured into signing without reading were divorce papers, and that they would file for divorce on his behalf if he bothered them again."

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