10 Ideas Under $10 for Your Week: Ingrid Dee Magidson at Unix Gallery, and Bullsh*t History

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Joseph Cavalieri
Yes, the polar vortex is back, but we've got a pretty good array of events that will all take place indoors. See, we're thinking about you. Housing Works Bookstore is hosting a party in honor of Asymptote's third anniversary; writers John and Molly Knefel host Radio Dispatch, a progressive political podcast, at the Bell House; and Unix Gallery hosts the opening reception for a new exhibition by Ingrid Dee Magidson, which features multifaceted works of "layerism."


[Art] It's mid-January, so you've probably already abandoned your resolutions, but perhaps all you need is some kind of incentive to get you back on the wagon. Joseph Cavalieri's exhibition, "Deliver Us From Our Addictions," is a meditative and "somewhat comical series of 21st-century dependencies" depicted in stained glass. The series illustrates a grouping of "mental and physical addictions to which we moderns are prone." Did we mention this show takes place in a church? Good luck.

Opens at 8 a.m., Church of St. Paul the Apostle, free.

[Lit] Join Eliot Weinberger (acclaimed translator of Octavio Paz, Jorge Luis Borges, and Bei Dao), Robyn Creswell (Paris Review poetry editor), Jeffrey Yang (translator of Liu Xiaobo), Idra Novey (translator of Clarice Lispector) and Daniella Gitlin (translator of Rodolfo Walsh) as they mark the third anniversary of international literary journal Asymptote with readings and a panel discussion on translation.

At 7 p.m., Housing Works Bookstore, free.

[Comedy] Whether you're a good bullshitter or totally gullible (no shame), you'll fit right in at tonight's Bullsh*t History. Competitors in this comedy/game show get to invent what happened during actual, little-known historical events. We've been told that Abraham Lincoln usually makes an appearance at some point during this singing, and shouting, chaotic show.

At 9 p.m., Freddy's Bar & Backroom, free.


[Comedy] Siblings and co-writers John and Molly Knefel bring their comedy and politics to the stage with >Radio Dispatch Live. Each show is a conversation with guest thinkers, writers, and performers.

At 7 p.m., Le Poisson Rouge, free.

[Fashion] New York Fashion Week is soon upon us, and Host in the City is warming us up with party (all in the name of a good cause, of course). Tonight's kickoff event highlights the importance of eco-friendly fashions and includes drinks and bites. Because a fashion party isn't a party without drinks.

At 6 p.m., Roger Smith Hotel, $10.

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