The New York Post Is Freaking Out About This "Vicious" High School Confessions Facebook Page [Updated]

One of the many terrifying memes being circulated on Forest Hills HS Confessions
It's really hard to figure out the moral universe in which the New York Post resides. Homeless children living in dangerous, vermin-ridden, sexual assault-plagued shelters? No big deal. Woman reports being raped? Meh, she probably made that up. But halt the presses, call out the National Guard, break out the desk liquor and huff into your paper bags, everybody, because some high school students have a Facebook page.

That's the gist of this masterful piece of reporting, which apparently took no less than three of the Post's crack team. Titled, "'Mean Girls' meets 'Gossip Girl' in vicious school Facebook page," it's about, as the authors put it, "the students' dark secret," a page in which two anonymous moderators put up confessions sent in by the students of Forest Hills High School in Queens.

And it's bad. Real bad. Some of these kids are having S-E-X.

The Post reports that parents discovered the "gossip fest" on Wednesday, when one student posted a disturbing-sounding confession: "Tomorrow don't come to school because something big is going to happen." A follow-up read, "Seriously don't come to school, unless you want to be in the news."

The parents rightfully took that seriously and called the cops, who the Post reports found nothing suspicious at the school. But the parents, upon delving further into the page, found a whole laundry list of horrors, the paper adds:

[P]arents were almost as disturbed by the Web page itself -- which reads like a real-life "Burn Book" from the movie "Mean Girls."

"Honestly, fat girls need to stop wearing crop tops because i dont want to see any muffin tops or rolls," one teen griped.

"More than 4,100 anonymous posts have gone up in just two months, singling out girls who have "the fattest a- ever," which kids are having sex and even thoughts of suicide," the paper hyperventilated. Because fat asses, having sex, and suicidal thoughts are all roughly the same on the freakout scale.

It took us a lengthy five seconds to find the top-secret Facebook page in question. Here you go. (Sorry to blow up your spot, Forest Hills kids.) It's run by a moderator who calls him/herself AA11, and another who goes by M.O.T. Let's delve into this dark trove of horrors together, shall we?






Truly chilling stuff.

Granted, a couple of these are less benign; there's some homophobia, the "don't come to school" one above, and another by a student who wrote, "I wanna jump in front of a car like I almost did that one time. Woo. Yeah, fuck my sanity I'm so done right now."

Nobody on the page really responded to that confession, and they should have. Same thing with an earlier posting in which someone made reference to cutting themselves. So, Forest Hills High School students, let's talk for a second. (You can trust us. We're barely functional adults.) First of all, your parents and a garbage tabloid are reading your confessions page. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

But secondly, and more importantly: don't shoot up your damn school. Don't intentionally try to scare people by making threats. That's a real jerk thing to do and you'll probably be reincarnated as a cockroach. If anyone posts threatening stuff on that page, or anywhere else that the lame adults don't know about yet, tell a teacher, the principal, or a parent. Take that stuff seriously. And if anyone posts something that sounds suicidal or self-harming, take that seriously too. Even if they're just trying to get attention, there's nothing wrong with giving it to them. At the very least, encourage them to call a suicide hotline, which is anonymous and will give them someone to work out their feelings with. Here's a page of resources if you're feeling depressed or suicidal. In New York City, you can call (212) 532-2400, and someone will pick up the phone 24/7.

Are we good? One more thing. Whoever posted this gets A's for life. Excellent work.


Update, 4 p.m.: Sometime this afternoon -- like, after school got out, maybe? -- the page was either deleted or the privacy settings were changed to make it a secret group.

Just remember what we talked about, Forest Hills kids.

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I really don't understand why people are constantly complaining about this school!? its really a good school its just that the kids that come aren't all that great. If you hate this school so much why did you bother to apply to it and come here!? If you came here was because you chose to no one forced you & you can feel free to leave no ones stopping you. The reason why you came is because it has so many great programs which other schools don't have, its in a safe & really good neighborhood, we don't have metal detector where we feel like we're constantly in prison so why complain? Why do you think kids from all the way from Jamaica, Brooklyn and the Bronx come here because they know that the schools around them aren't the best, safe and have such an abundance of programs & activities for there students. Why celebrate about articles like this and complain so much about the school your in your only putting down a bad reputation on yourself as well because your part of this school & of the school which isn't as you guys paint it. Be thankful of what you have & where you go to school because I'm sure if you had to go to schools like Hillcrest or Franklin K.Lane you'd be begging to come to Forest Hills High School so stop complaining finish you senior year in peace & to the rest take advantage of all the things this school has to offer. All those other event that have happened have happened because of the students not because of the teachers or the school they didn't plan any of it the students did. Its really sad that kids have to behave like this, put peoples lives at risk, start rumors & cause trouble for all. Shalom to Ms. @edenntakelove and good luck & God bless to the rest @Jusssssayenn @biscuties @speakingofsandy @alisonparadise5 @dannpussy


I go here, this school is terrible. How we scored an "A" 5 times in a row is beyond me. Every year something bad happens. I'm a Senior now, but in my freshman year, there was a bomb threat, in which the school evacuated the building for about half an hour. Sophomore year there was a day where people ran around the halls throwing condoms around, Junior year there was the "Harlem Shake" incident which also got us on the news, and left several people injured and hurt.  And now this..

This school is a bad news magnet, it's not safe AT ALL. Someone needs to get it under control.


@annaherself I just want you to know, all of the FHHS kids are in love with your article. it tells the real truth & it's pure perfection

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