Hunter Moore, Revenge-Porn Profiteer, Arrested by the F.B.I.

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Hunter Moore, proprietor of the defunct revenge porn website, has been indicted by the F.B.I. in California.

Twenty-seven-year-old Moore and a second suspect, Charles Evens, 25, are charged with 15 counts each, including one count of conspiracy, seven counts of unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information, and seven counts of aggravated identity theft.

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According to the FBI, "Moore allegedly instructed Evens to gain unauthorized access to -- in other words, to hack into -- victims' e-mail accounts. Moore sent payments to Evens in exchange for nude photos obtained unlawfully from the victims' accounts. Moore then posted the illegally obtained photos on his website, without the victims' consent. The indictment alleges that Evens hacked into email accounts belonging to hundreds of victims."

When the Voice first broke the story that Moore was under investigation by the FBI in 2012, he threatened to burn down our office. "Honestly, I will be fucking furious, and I will burn down fucking the Village Voice headquarters if you fucking write anything saying I have an FBI investigation," he told staff writer Camille Dodero while she was reporting the story, "Gary Jones" Wants Your Nudes," about a mysterious hacker who gained access to countless email accounts and stolen photos to post on

In the indictment, the F.B.I. writes that Evens is "also known as 'Gary.'"

Email exchanges between Moore and Evens show Moore initially offered Evens $200 a week to hack into victims' email accounts, and steal nude photos to post on According to the F.B.I., Moore paid Evens in installments, $2,438.70 in all, over the course of their partnership.

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Both men were arrested this morning. Moore, who lives in Woodland, California, was arraigned in federal court in Sacramento; Evens, who lives in Studio City, was arraigned in Los Angeles.

If convicted, the pair face up to five years in federal prison for each of the conspiracy and computer hacking counts -- a grand total of 40 years -- each. (Aggravated identity theft carries a mandatory two-year sentence that would be consecutive to other sentences.)

The last thing Moore tweeted, somewhat ironically, was a message of support to Justin Beiber, who was also arrested this morning.

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LOL!.. where are all the desparate wannabe Moore Fanboys now?..

1.  Protesting with Signs outside poor widdle Hunter's jail cell?..

2.  Scrambling to create a website just like thier now arrested prison-bitch hero, Moore's?..

3.  Shaking in their parent's basements praying that the FBI insn't tracing their IP?..

BHA HAHAAAAaaa!!.. Now scurry back on under the fridge where you belong. losers - and maybe learn a lesson or two about Karma, the law, and treating others with respect and humility..  Lesson learned, children, Choose your Heroes Wisely..


Jon Corzine: (friend of the Obama) - Steals $1.6 BILLION from MF Global retirees, pensioners & investors.

Charges filed against him: ZERO

Hunter Moore: (NOT a friend of the Obama) Steals a few identities, accesses a few computers illegally. Boo hoo, cry me a river.

Charges filed against him: FIFTEEN

Conclusion: the best way to COMMIT CRIMES in Amerika and GET AWAY with it is to be a FRIEND OF THE OBAMA!!! For everything else, there's MasterCard.



@mehungsolowOK, spittle-flecked Obama derangement sufferer.  You want Corzine held responsible for his crimes, but it's "Boo-hoo cry me a river." for Moore's crimes.  Not the smartest person, are you?

Not that anyone expects brains from Hunter Moore're all dumber than a box of rocks.

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