Kristallnuts! Rightbloggers Accuse Liberals of Conspiracies Against the Rich and Right-Wing

tomt200.jpgTake a moment to remember the Bush years, and the way liberals talked about our 43rd President. As we recall it, Bush was regarded as a dummy and, if not a bloodthirsty rightwing radical himself, at least an enabler of same. Occasionally you'd hear him called a fascist, which rightbloggers would laugh off as a symptom of "Bush Derangement Syndrome" ("epidemic in New York's Upper West Side and the tonier parts of Los Angeles," said Charles Krauthammer in 2003).

Flash forward now to the second Obama Administration, which makes the Bush Years look like the Era of Good Feelings. After years of warnings that the Kenyan Pretender was hoarding ammunition and forming death panels to put all his enemies into FEMA camps, there is literally nothing rightbloggers won't believe about Obama.

Last week may have been a high-water mark in this regard, as some perfectly ordinary politicking, the legal and tax problems of some prominent conservatives, and a ridiculous statement by a venture capitalist combined to spur the brethren to declare themselves and their allies, the rich and powerful, victimized by Democrats.

On January 24 the Wall Street Journal published a letter by rich guy Tom Perkins, who wished to "call attention to the parallels of fascist Nazi Germany to its war on its 'one percent,' namely its Jews, to the progressive war on the American one percent, namely the 'rich'... Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendent 'progressive' radicalism unthinkable now?"

This loony letter was roundly mocked by everyone... except rightbloggers, who thought Perkins' comparison of liberals to the Nazi SA was apt.

"The Konservativ Kristallnacht is here," cried Flopping Aces. "First they came for Romney donors. Then they came for the Tea Party. Then they came for Obama critics. Then they came for those critical of Obamacare. Then they came for the Friends of Abe. Then they came for the big names in Conservatives. Conservative Kristallnacht..."

There was the obligatory picture of Obama as Hitler, and then the remedy: "It is super-important that the GOP take the Senate and contain the fascist beast that Barack Obama has become," said Flopping Aces. "It would be highly gratifying for the GOP to retake the White House and visit upon these far left radical democrats the grief they have heaped upon conservatives." Well, like Walter Sobchak said, at least it's an ethos.

Huh, they got a twofer with this one.
(The "Friends of Abe" reference is to a conservative Hollywood group whose tax exemption has been delayed, which is widely referred to as a "blacklist," the meaning of which has apparently greatly changed since the 1950s, when it meant victims would be prevented from working for many years.)

"Barack's Pogrom: The Rising Tide of Hatred Against the 'Evil' One Percent," raved Donald Douglas of American Power. "Herr Barack has been exhorting his progressive Brownshirts to violence since taking office. (Before taking office, actually.)" As evidence, Douglas linked to a rightwing report of Obama's "troubling ties to, and longtime relationship with, the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist [Bill Ayers]" -- yeah, that one -- and Obama's paraphrase of a quote from The Untouchables, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," which seems like an old political home truth, not to mention something of which the NRA would approve.

"And it's all coming to a head this year, 'Obama to make inequality the defining issue of 2014,'" Douglas continued. "Bring it you leftist scum. Just f-king bring it."

At National Review, Andrew C. McCarthy claimed Obama was giving "the Pitchfork Treatment" -- and, further down, 'jihad" -- to financial services giant Standard & Poor's, whom the DOJ was prosecuting for fraud in relation to the 2008 financial crisis -- which, McCarthy explained, had nothing to do with banker malfeasance: "Of course, the root cause of that crisis was government coercion of the financial sector," he wrote. "Uncle Sam pressured financial institutions to extend mortgages to poor credit risks -- pressure that left-wing activists, such as a young lawyer named Barack Obama, capitalized on by bringing lawsuits that alleged racial discrimination against reluctant lenders." This will be familiar to connoisseurs as the right's ooga-booga alt-explanation of choice for the financial crisis: Activists giving houses to black paupers to wreck the economy, while arbitrageurs looked on in helpless perplexity.

It wasn't only Democrats who were ganging up on the rich, either. At Fox News, Adam Shaw denounced "Pope Francis' war on aspiration." For one thing, the Pope declared, "Oh how I long for a poor Church for the poor!" which Shaw called "a perfect summary of Francis' papacy, a primary theme of which has been a peculiar dislike of prosperity." Howe also attacked the pope's "typically derisive attitude toward the American quest for self-development... an attitude that is often encountered among rich European liberals." We remember when conservatives tried to convince Catholics that they had mutual interests, before the pope went commie. Guess they don't need the votes.

Some of the brethren put up a brave front. After Senator Chuck Schumer attacked the Tea Party, Fox News had a "former Navy Seal" on TV to rattle off rightblogger boilerplate ("you've also have Huey Long, which was king fish. who was also, his big thing was wealth redistribution. and those were hate-mongers. and you've got the KKK who was Democrats and left-leaning people, Margaret Sanger..."). Caleb Howe's play-by-play at The Right Scoop was everything a homer could hope for: "The liberal on the panel begins to chuckle his objection, because in the face of the ugly truth about Democrats, the only thing he can do is try to laugh off history," he reported. "...But guess what liberals? You called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it."

Thunder ain't much without lightning, but you go with what you've got. And what the brethren had was bad news they made a blessing by proclaiming their victimhood.

Some days back New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on a radio show that "extreme conservatives" didn't belong in New York State. Rapping "extremists" has been political bread and butter since Goldwater went down in flames but, this being the era it is, dozens of the brethren stepped up to claim the mantle of extreme conservatism, and to say Cuomo was being prejudiced against them.

"If you are a believer in the U.S. Constitution, just remember they are talking about you," said Doug Patton at Right Wing News. "In New York, conservatives are ostracized, marginalized and victimized," said Selena Owens at WorldNetDaily. "...they're diseased. Eradicate them... [Cuomo] also expects New Yorkers to fall in line with his politics and wholly espouse abortion rights, anti-gun legislation and a pro-homosexual agenda."

"I'm not sure Cuomo would have made such a remark if the new boundaries of liberal intolerance had not been set clearly by President Obama," analyzed Keith Koffler of White House Dossier. "...Cuomo was merely expressing the opinion, and the hostility, that characterizes baseline liberal thinking about conservatives. Send the to Mississippi with the rest of the wingnuts!"

When New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio defended Cuomo, the Center for Western Journalism reported, "Socialist NYC Mayor Backs Cuomo's Ban On Conservatives." They added, "After Cuomo's comments, numerous prominent conservatives - and countless other patriotic Americans - began to consider the feasibility of moving to a more welcoming state." Praise Satan, we may get those cheap rents back! (Many of the brethren also plumped a story that de Blasio has devoted insufficient snowplow resources to the high-income Upper East Side of Manhattan because he hates the rich; "Flaky Socialist NY Mayor Bill De Blasio Wages Class Warfare One Snowflake at a Time," yelled Bryan Preston of PJ Media.)

James O'Keefe, Breitbart's old video pest, got into this act by announcing, per Fox News, that the state Department of Labor "has hit his office in Westchester County, N.Y., with demands for financial documents for months." The DOL said they do that to everyone who hires contractors, and that O'Keefe had been dodging their requests, but never mind that: "[O'Keefe] compared it to IRS targeting of conservative groups nationwide," Fox News went on, and you know how the brethren feel about that.

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