The Apocalypse Is Nigh: A Huge Chunk of the L Train Went Down This Morning

An artist's rendering of the way your ride to work feels.
Oh, hi. Did you have a nice commute this morning? On the L train, perhaps? No? It was awful? Worse than usual, in fact? That's because, as you may have discovered, if you're one of the unlucky thousands who use that train, a large chunk of it was down this morning for about 30 to 45 minutes. People were, to put it in scientific terms, losing their goddamn minds.

According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the L went down between Eighth Avenue (the northernmost stop) and Broadway Junction in both directions "due to signal problems and switch problems." Broadway Junction is just six stops from the end of the line at the south end. In other words, most of the train was out of commission.

Many people discovered that the L wasn't running after they left the house, because that is how the universe works. Those people were upset.

Others decided, with quiet stoicism, that this was the last straw in their tepid love affair with the L:

There were, however, apparently some entertaining side-benefits to the whole debacle:

Service resumed about 9:47 a.m. with "residual delays." When reached for comment, MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg noted that the train had resumed service, but said, nonetheless, "We're preparing for locusts now."

If you haven't yet left the house, and you need to take the L, can we suggest an alternate travel route? One that involves you traveling on back to bed and giving up? Just think about it.

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Yuppies are now using the L train through the streets of East New York/Brownsville???  Wow - gentrification has really hit the big time in Brooklyn.  Surely a sign of the impending Apocalypse!  

Well, hopefully not.    :)

Marilyn Behar Lerman
Marilyn Behar Lerman

Nice concept on the artist's rendering of the way your ride to work feels! :-)

debbie10020 topcommenter

these spoiled suburbanites-in-the-making crack me up. this morning's "troubled" L train commute would have been a pretty decent day on the line back in the '80s.

Pedro M. Suarez
Pedro M. Suarez

OMG this train line has had these same problems for like 20 years or more!

Mike Lipin
Mike Lipin

Half of that train's clientele deserved it for a reality check.

Steve Hopkins
Steve Hopkins

To be fair, The L has been breaking down a lot lately, and it always seems to happen during rush hour.

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