De Blasio's New York: School Canceled, Roads Closed

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Sarah Ackerman via Flickr
Welcome to de Blasio's New York: a magical winter wonderland where the streets are deserted and the schools are closed.

The Long Island Expressway, which closed at midnight, is expected to remain closed until 8 a.m. Friday. Interstate 84 remains closed through 8 a.m. as well. I-87 is open to passenger vehicles as of 5 a.m., but the commercial traffic ban will remain in place until 8 a.m. Alternate-side parking rules remain suspended as well.

The MTA, meanwhile, has discontinued express service until future notice.

The Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit are operating on a weekend schedule, and officials advise there are delays. Metro-North is operating on a Saturday schedule, and Amtrak is operating on a "snow schedule."

In de Blasio's New York, high schoolers wield influence in City Hall. Case in point: this screenshot that floated around the Internet on Thursday...


...followed by this announcement Friday morning:

Oh, also? In de Blasio's New York, it snows inside.

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Dennis Natal
Dennis Natal

Weak article. Schools have been closed during big storms before, whether actualized or not. It's always been a precautionary action. Maybe, this article is just the rant of a snow grinch.

Sherrill Fulghum
Sherrill Fulghum

Duomo issued a state of emergency and told people to stay home. He even shut down a few highways.

Olga Childs
Olga Childs

ah, so it's a clever pun on conservative fear-mongering? too clever perhaps

Olga Childs
Olga Childs

the headline makes it sound like snow is deblasio's fault

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