Schools Are Open Today, and the Kids Are Not Happy About It

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Mayor Bill de Blasio handled his first snowstorm -- the one that hit just two days into his administration -- with aplomb. He gave good advice, posed for photos, made sure the roads were plowed, and canceled school.

It was enough to save de Blasio from the fate that befell Mayor John Lindsay in 1969. Lindsay's bungling of a snowstorm that hit shortly after he was sworn-in haunted him for the rest of his term.

De Blasio dodged that first storm bullet, but the second storm? That's a different story altogether.

The New York Post has already declared the city is in "SHAMBLES!" on its cover. Inside the paper, delicate Upper East Side residents are whining that their streets were not plowed Tuesday evening: "He is trying to get us back," one resident whimpered.

The constituency de Blasio really should be concerned about though are not voters on the UES, but the future voters, the ones presently making their way through the New York Public School system -- and they are PISSED that school was not canceled today.

The mayor really should get his youth envoy on this situation immediately. Maybe Dante could smooth things over with the kids?

On second thought, he should not let Dante out of his sight.

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Joe Newark
Joe Newark

The kids? How about the parents? With that half ass job the city did plowing?

Richie Vela
Richie Vela

Sucks to be them now shut e hell up and go to school because I'm gunna kick your ass out when you turn 18!!! Now eat your veggies and wipe your nose!

Mike Trubia
Mike Trubia

I think these young New Yorkers need to man up ! They also sound like they need all the education they can get !!

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