Sundance 2014: The Ten Best Films

Web Junkie -- In America, we joke about Internet addiction. In China, it's classified as a disease, and with good reason. Hilla Medalia and Shosh Shlam's doc tracks a generation of only children who relieve their loneliness online, and the estranged, high-pressure parents who liken their kids' video game habits to heroin. Meet the drill sergeants and patient therapists tasked to help these teenagers join the real world -- or get locked in solitary confinement.

That's Fassbender under that mask.
Frank -- Here's a bold casting move: Hire Michael Fassbender and hide his face in a mask. Fassbender plays the frontman and mystic of the unpronounceably named band Soronprfbs in this riff on real-life musician Chris Sievey, aka Frank Sidebottom, who was rarely photographed without his fiberglass head. Energized by a dizzying soundtrack, Frank is a parable about creativity, talent, and the painful truth that some people aren't born to be stars.

Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart -- You've heard of convicted murderer Pamela Smart, the temptress who hired three teens to kill her husband. And you've seen Nicole Kidman play a version of her in To Die For. But even before the jury was selected, the frenzied media had so blurred fact and fiction that documentarian Jeremiah Zagar makes a convincing case that Smart, still serving a lifetime sentence, never got a fair trial.

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