Rightbloggers' "Obama is a Tyrant" Message Moves Up Wingnut Ladder to Congress

tomt200.jpgIn 1776, the Continental Congress signed a Declaration that they would separate from Great Britain because the King had unilaterally made changes to the national health care system.

OK, close enough. Last week the President delayed yet another part of Obamacare, and most Americans probably thought it was just more jerry-rigging of his Rube Goldberg health insurance scheme, little realizing that it was actually further proof that America has become a dictatorship. But it's no secret at all to those who follow rightbloggers -- or the growing number of Republican officials and rightwing publications who also reflexively accuse Obama of Caesarism.

Regular readers know that since January 20, 2009 it has been standard operating procedure for rightbloggers to compare the President with Hitler and other historical tyrants on even the slightest pretext, such as Obama addressing kids in school ("What Obama, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, And Freddy Krueger ALL Have In Common: Targeting Children").

Pretty much whenever the President takes any authority at all, rightbloggers put on the Hitler-colored glasses. For example, when Obama proposed new gun controls after the Newtown shooting, the brethren accused him of fascist overreach ("CHILDREN SURROUND OBAMA AS HE FURTHER DIMINISHES FREEDOM, JUST LIKE HITLER") and hinted that the masses would rise up in revolt against him. And his announcement last year that he would pull back on immigration enforcement made him "the most subversive chief executive in terms of eroding U.S. law since Richard Nixon," etc.

Well, after all the Hitler photoshops it's actually a nice change of pace.
Most outrageous of all has been Obamacare, which from the moment it was proposed the brethren have considered Double Extra Hitler. That Obama has tinkered with the timing of some of the program's features -- as he did with the employer mandate last week -- makes it even worse, because though they're convinced it's illegal they can't quite figure out how to arrest him for it; conservative leaders like Republican Senator Mike Lee angrily tell us there is no mechanism for redress, because Obama was crafty enough to commit treasons that our Founding Fathers never envisioned. That's like super-villain evil!

And there are Obama's executive orders, which the brethren have taken to describing as the means by which Obama Hitlerized America. It has been pointed out many times that Obama has issued a historically low number of such orders but, on the rare occasions when they notice this, rightbloggers counter-argue So What.

"Constitutionality is what matters, not quantity," said Joel Pollak at Breitbart.com. For one thing, "Obama is using executive orders and actions to alter his own legislation," which, while not illegal, is no fair because no take-backsies. Plus, he only did that immigration thing "to outflank Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who was preparing his own version, embarrassing Obama among Latino voters. Such pettiness is rare." Overall, "Obama's executive excesses tend to make us less free," unlike, say, Lincoln's declaration of martial law, so boo to the Obama "apologists," who by the way Hitler also had.

This constant tyranny-yelling has over the years darkened the brethren's mood. Even the 4th of July has become for them a bitchfest about ObamaHitler. Sometimes a wingnut manifesto will stir them to mutterings about a new American Revolution. Sometimes they propose innovations to make the Founders' wills look explicitly like their own -- radio host Mark Levin, for example, has proposed 10 new Constitutional amendments, and others have called for a Constitutional Convention.

But though it has done them no personal good, their boy-who-cried-Hitler campaign has had an effect in the higher reaches of the conservative movement, among the more reputable publishers and even among Republican politicians.

Now, small-time Republicans have long been prone to ObamaHitlerisms, especially in the Southernmost parts of the Republic. For instance, there's Darren Yancy, a former candidate for the Texas Senate with the distinction of having lost a GOP primary to a RINO opponent who had pulled out of the race. "With apologies to T.H.White," wrote Yancy, "the reign of Barry Obama is no fantasy. In fact, this has been a 6 year reign of terror against Christianity, liberty, the Constitution, self responsibility, employment, and economic opportunity. I have been thinking of a new nickname for Barry to reflect his hacking away and massacre of America as she once was. Barry the Butcher has a wonderful ring to it, don't you think?" How the voters of SD-22 turned their back on this man, we'll never know.

But we're not just talking about small-time nuts here -- we're also talking about big-time nuts. Like, for example, Rep. Mark Meadows (R.-N.C.), who said Obama "has declared war, and not just on Congress but the American people." "On floor of house waitin on 'Kommandant-In-Chef"'... the Socialistic dictator who's been feeding US a line or is it 'A-Lying?'" tweeted Rep. Randy Weber (R.-Tex.). "It's hard to imagine exactly what [Obama's] goal is," GOP Senator Rand Paul told a Newsmax talk show, because "when you talk to him one on one, he sounds reasonable and like he's not trying to transform America into some socialist nightmare." This Newsmax headlined as "Rand Paul: Obama Turning US Into 'Socialist Nightmare,'" as did several other sources.

Bob Barr, a former Georgia GOP Congressman, told truther Alex Jones that he wanted to impeach Obama ("We don't operate that way in America," Barr fantasized telling Obama, "and you are not going to be permitted any longer to do that"). Steve Stockman, a sitting GOP Congressman, said he, too, wants to impeach Obama, to the delight of several nuts. ("Finally!" cried Floyd Brown at the Western Center for Journalism. "...someone on Capitol Hill still has a spine.")

When Obama recently joked, "That's the good thing as a president, I can do whatever I want," onetime Congressman and extremely sore loser Allen West missed the joke but caught the treason.

"Let's not go rushing around trying to use these words to condemn President Obama as a tyrant," said West, but "these words are evidence of how absolutely stupid Obama is to say so -- at a time when he actually is doing whatever he wants. This joker does a good enough job condemning himself." Elsewhere West said, "At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must again state we are facing a constitutional crisis in America as we head into tyranny... Barack Obama is not a god who must be worshipped, he is a man, and a dangerous individual. He must be removed from office."

Alan Keyes, who once ran against Obama for the Senate, denounced not only "Obama's unconstitutional abuse of executive orders," but also "the GOP's quisling leaders" who, he claimed, "have collaborated with Obama's radical socialist schemes, giving him mainly ineffectual, lip-service opposition." Hardcore, cowboy! In consequence of their treason, added Keyes, "Obama has behaved in a more and more openly dictatorial fashion," and America's only hope is to elect the better sort of Republicans -- that is, those like Alan Keyes -- in 2014, to ensure "constitutional majorities pledged to impeach/remove Obama and his collaborators." By the way, you know who else had collaborators?

And then there's the conservative press -- not only the lightly-read bottom-feeding blogs, but also the big-time, well-funded websites and magazines, and, of course Rush Limbaugh. "We've never encountered this kind of lawlessness before," claimed Limbaugh. "We've never encountered a president who just makes the law up as he goes, and specifically for his own political benefit, ignoring Congress, ignoring the Constitution... We have a president who's acting as though the Constitution doesn't matter. He's king. He's playing dictator." Playing? Limbaugh previously referred to the State of the Union speech as the "State of the Coup," presented by a "dictator."

At Reason, Did-You-Know-He-Used-To-Be-A-Judge Andrew Napolitano scored "Obama's Executive Order Tyranny." He referred to Obama's "pen and phone" crack about executive orders as "menacing," but rather than refer to the high-crimes-and-misdemeanors part of the Constitution, as is traditional, Napolitano reported the Founders "inserted the word 'faithfully' in the presidential oath when describing his enforcement obligations, and then they inserted the oath itself into the Constitution," and this was actually what Obama was breaking -- clever, huh?

"Where will he strike next?" gasped Napolitano in closing. "How will this end? Will this deliver us to tyranny?" before collapsing in a righteous heap downstage center to rising applause and bouquets of bacon roses.

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