Sneckdowns and the City: Snow Patterns Show How to Make New York Streets Safer

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Transportation advocates have been preaching the sneckdown gospel for years. Here's a video produced by Clarence Eckerson Jr. in Jackson Heights, Queens after a snowfall in 2011. Queens has the highest rate of traffic fatalities of all five boroughs. In 2013, 52 pedestrians were killed by cars in Queens.

Snowy Neckdowns Redux: Winter Traffic Calming (#sneckdown) from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

I know what you're thinking, "Wow, I wish it would snow some more so we could have sneckdowns all year."

Ha. Ha. Ha.

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epac666 topcommenter

What the above article doesn't take into account is that there is less traffic when it's snowing. More cars need more room. Less room to maneuver would create a lot more bottlenecks and jams. And how would large vehicles like trucks make tight turns, especially with increased number of pedestrians and bicycles?

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