Ke$ha & Pitbull Have Nothing on the U.S. Biathlon Team's Theme Song

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Tim Burke firing them down for Team U.S.A.
Biathlon is the most badass of Olympic sports, winter or summer: rifle-toting cross-country skiers, weaving through trees, shooting from flat on their stomachs, and "atoning" for the shots they miss with extra laps or added time. It's the only sport that could, conceivably, have been adapted for the Olympics from an action sequence in a Roger Moore-vintage James Bond film. (Alas, per Wikipedia, the sport actually traces its roots back to Norway, where, more than 150 years ago, it was an element in military training excercises.)

An insane sport deserves an equally insane theme song, and team U.S.A. has one, penned by Lake Placid's own Lowell Bailey. Bailey -- who finished 22nd and 35th in the Biathlon Men's Pursuit and Sprint, respectively -- composed the tune back in 2011.

Take a listen to "Fire Them Down," a little diddy about a group of women and men, hidden away in a frozen northern town, skiing fast, shooting targets down.

If that banjo break doesn't get you fired up to watch New York's Annelies Cook skiing and shooting in the Biathlon Women's Pursuit Tuesday at 10 a.m. -- well, I can do nothing for a person like you.

The lyrics to "Fire Them Down" on the next page.

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