Photos: "Hands Off Ukraine" Protesters March in Manhattan on Sunday

As the prospect for armed conflict with Russia appears more and more likely in Ukraine, pro-Western activists marched in New York against armed intervention on Sunday.

Two separate demonstrations began at 2 p.m. in Midtown and the Upper East Side, joining together near the Russian Mission at 67th and 3rd, then marching as a single group to the Russian Consulate at 91st and 5th.

Many held posters asking the U.S. and the West for assistance, others carried drawings of Putin likening him to Hitler or Stalin. Many carried large yellow and blue Ukrainian flags, though a smaller amount carried the red and black nationalist/UPA flag.

Members of the NYPD marched with the two groups and later fenced off parts of the street in front of the Consulate. While there was a large police and media presence, there were no arrests and no reported disruptions.

See also: Portraits of Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine

See also: Portraits of Protesters in Kiev, Ukraine

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