Racists Declare White Man March a Success, Everyone Else Wonders If It Actually Happened

Image via White Man March
A White Man March attendee
Well, that escalated quickly.

Last week we broke the story (in the mainstream, non-racist press, anyway) of the White Man March, a flash mob-style demonstration planned for March 15 by Kyle Hunt, a 30-year-old Amherst graduate from a very small town in Massachusetts. The story went viral and was picked up by multiple local and national media outlets. Then, evidently, the WMM happened, although none of us actually saw it.

To be fair, that was Hunt's intention. From the outset, he'd said his goal was to make sure that "outside media" weren't able to cover the event and somehow make him and his fellow "pro-white" activists look foolish.

"If there aren't any opposition forces there, we'll be the ones with all of the media," he explained on a white power podcast. "And we'll select out the pieces of media that make us look the best."

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Whether anybody came out of this looking good is an open question, but it's certainly true that no outside media covered the event. It's also unclear how many people attended it. Most of the photos posted by White Man Marchers are of lonely DIVERSITY = WHITE GENOCIDE banners or stickers, hanging out by a roadside sign, plastered to a gas pump, or anchored onto a toilet stall. With a couple exceptions, there aren't many people in these photos. And for some reason, despite all their white pride, the few who did pose for pictures often obscured their faces:




The White Man March Facebook page also shows some graffiti in Spanish, supposedly from a White Man March demonstration in Spain, which is fascinating:


There's also, er, whatever this is. A greatest hits package, we guess:

But something seems to have gone awry in New York...

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