Williamsburg's Dildo Spiderman Is Gone

Image via Twitter user @IRobbedJohnLo
A Spiderman and a large dildo who hung benevolently over a Williamsburg intersection since at least mid-January have been removed, the Daily News reports.

The Spiderman-dildo installation, or "Spiderman Dildo," as we like to call it, has been the subject of widespread hilarity for a couple months now. (The Daily News is apparently forbidden from using the word "dildo" in print, or showing a picture of one; for delicacy's sake, the tabloid calls the silicone part of the display a "large rubber penis." But let's be real here. That's a dildo.)

But this priceless work of art disappeared last night, and it looks like the sequence of events went something like this: Daily News spots Spiderman Dildo, snaps photo, calls Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, the neighborhood's 71-year-old assembly member. Lentol is not amused.

Lentol told the paper he found the display "highly offensive," and lo, just a few hours later, it was gone, meaning that some poor guy from the Department of Transportation spent his evening taking a Spiderman and a sex toy out of an intersection, an explanation his wife almost certainly found implausible.

It appears that the anonymous artist has put up at least one other installation. Bowery Boogie reported in September of 2013 that a Barbie doll and a dildo were seen hanging from the telephone line at the intersection of Eldridge and Broome Streets on the Lower East Side. As you can see, the composition of the two art projects are quite similar.

Must be nice to live in a world where sex toys and action figures are so plentiful you can just throw them up into the telephone lines. No word yet on where this modern-day Basquiat may strike next.

Now that this important piece of street art is gone, all that we have left to remember it are a handful of grudgingly impressed tweets and Instagrams:

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