Cliven Bundy Betrays Rightbloggers, Forcing Them to Denounce (Some of) His Crazy Ideas

Take for example TownHall's Kevin McCullough. Two weeks ago he wrote, "Fortunately for the American people, the feds were not able to ultimately bully a simple rancher, not for a tortoise, a solar power plant, or a dirty Senator and his administration. We owe the Bundy family a great deal of thanks for standing tall." So far, McCullough hasn't had anything new to say about his tarnished hero. But that's okay, we can wait!

Surely you remember when Washington told the Whiskey Rebels, "Aw shoot, fellas, who am I to judge?" (Via.)
Warner Todd Huston, who a few weeks back was so inspired by Bundy he seemed ready to aim a musket at federal agents himself -- "Who can't imagine that it will soon be open season on anyone who works in government?" he said then. "If they have no regard for us, our property, even our very lives, why should we have regard for them?" -- hasn't acknowledged the slavery incident, either. But he has doubled down on his own secessionist sentiments:

"Starting in the 1980s with the election of Ronald Reagan," Huston explained, "Americans began a long process of falling out of love with Obama-styled communism." Huston did not explain why, if this were the case, Americans have twice elected the man "Obama-styled communism" is named after. But he did assert that "the states are starting to rebel against Washington," based on some of the state abortion and gun laws you read about in News of the Weird.

In another column Huston went further, declaring "the Federal government is quickly becoming an enemy to the people" and that it "would be terrible if it became open season -- literally -- on all government workers, but if the federal government doesn't begin to shed some of its unearned, unethical, and un-American powers, it may just end up losing those powers at gun point." (Huston added, "this is something we should try to avoid," which he probably thinks a brilliant legal maneuver.)

Reason's Brian Doherty, who two weeks earlier was appalled that the feds would threaten deadly force against crazy militiamen with guns, has at the writing left Bundy's racial ravings unaddressed. But last week Doherty pleaded a third way argument, which was as brilliant as third way arguments usually are: "that Bundy should have probably just given up somewhere along the line, but Christ leave him alone now..." There's a great libertarian idea -- and we bet put-upon Americans everywhere will look forward to libertarian support during their own armed stand-offs with the law. Hasn't Johnny 99 suffered enough?

Hot Air's Jazz Shaw, who originally praised Bundy for "raising awareness of vital questions of federal vs state vs private property rights," hasn't gifted us with a follow-up essay about racist Bundy, either. But he did tweet, "Actually the grazing rights/BLM story hasn't changed at all. But it certainly helps the Left that he turned out to be a racist."

Shaw's sulk reflected a popular sentiment among the brethren: That it was unsporting of liberals to notice Bundy's racism.

"Cliven Bundy Utters Racist Remark, Liberals Everywhere Rejoice," seethed Bryan Preston at PJ Media. He was mad because "the progs" unfairly "hope to use the racism to discredit the rest" of Bundy's argument -- which, we remind you, is that the federal government doesn't exist, that he shouldn't have to obey U.S. law, and that he has a right to meet government officials with armed resistance. But the real point, said Preston, was Jeremiah Wright and Margaret Sanger. Not that progs would acknowledge this! Also: "Bundy's remarks are reprehensible and indefensible. Expect progs who read this post to ignore the previous sentence." Even when he meets them halfway, progs humiliate Bryan Preston on the holodeck.

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