Call the Village Voice Dial-a-Poem Service at (347) 618-6376

Update, December 2014: We've discontinued our dial-a-poem service, but you can still listen to all the poems below.

As we mentioned in this week's cover story, we've set up a dial-a-poem service so you can hear many of the poems first published in this week's poetry issue, as read by the poets themselves. It's not an original idea by any stretch, but we're happy to continue the tradition. If you hate listening to voicemail, this might just change your opinion. (No, we can't just text you the poems.)

Call Dial-a-Poem at (347) 618-6376. (Touch-tone phones, only!)

You can download a podcast (but how 2014, really) of the poems here:

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Allison Rae
Allison Rae

Thanks very much! I love this idea, by the way. I was listening to it in the middle of the night. Thanks for doing something like this!

Allison Rae
Allison Rae

No one to answer your phones? I've been calling all morning to inquire about a song on your dial-a-poem prerecorded greeting. I know it's called "four or five times" but I can't find the correct version. Please tell me the artist(s) and song title. There are tons of different versions available, but I've been unsuccessful in locating the exact one thus far. Thank you!!

Franco Franus
Franco Franus

: you couldn't make it 7636 so it spelled POEM?! boooo.

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