Local Strippers Also Horrified by Long Island Nursing Home That Hired a Male Dancer

Youngblood Stripper Complaint

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I feel that the origins of this lawsuit may be sexist in nature.  Really now, if this had been a picture of a female stripper dancing for a room full of old men do you really think someone would come up with the comment "That's weird. Why would an 85-year-old [man] need a stripper?"  Do you really think that if this had been Franklin Youngblood's dad instead of his mother he would sue the nursing home for "disrespect, dishonor, embarrassment, ridicule and humiliation?"  He'd probably just slap the old man on the back and tell him good going.  

Apparently once women reach the age of 85 if she's not dead below the waist and wants to look at a naked young man it is supposedly "humiliating."  But if you are a man around the same age, like, say, Hugh Hefner, you can make a reality TV show about your hunt for p888y, marry a woman 1/3 of your age and still be known as "da man."

Ladies, this is what you have to look forward to if you happen to live past your child bearing years and still feel the sexual desire that is natural to the human condition.  You're still going to have some man telling you what you can and can't look at, even if it is "was voted for by a 16-person resident panel."

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