NYPD Encourages Everyone To Tweet Their Photos With the Cops, Things Go Predictably Awry

Photo by C.S. Muncy
A woman is arrested at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration protesting police brutality.
When government agencies and social media meet in the beautiful golden field of Twitter, nothing can go awry, right? That timeless principle was demonstrated yet again this afternoon, when someone at the New York Police Department got a brilliant idea: encourage the citizenry to tweet their photos with the cops! They can use the hashtag #MyNYPD, and we can all come away with a renewed appreciation for the beautiful and sensitive ways the police protect and serve New Yorkers. Maybe some of them will even show up on the department's official Facebook page.

Or, um, not. Former Village Voice staff writer Nick Pinto said it best:

We are certain you can guess what happened next.

Yep. A few people took the hashtag seriously and posted awkward photos of thrilled tourists hovering next to smiling cops. But on the whole, #MyNYPD quickly turned into a greatest hits rundown of the department's warmest, cuddliest moments with ordinary folks. To wit:

This has been another flawless outreach moment by your local police.

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Ian J. Kahn
Ian J. Kahn

Of course, not unlike airplane crashes, it is the statistical anomalies that are 'media darlings'. I've a long, complex experience with various branches of law enforcement, but must admit that it is far more photogenic to capture the burning crash scene than the 99.8% of daily, functional operations...

Joel Kolley
Joel Kolley

out of touch..didnt even see the backlash or potential for. Pretty lame.

Eric Gault
Eric Gault

Africa should take a hint, oh wait who needs a healthy and prosperous life when you have crack

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