As Trial Winds Down, Prosecutors Press OWS Activist Cecily McMillan On Unrelated Misdemeanor Arrest

Photo by Anna Merlan
McMillan talks with one of her lawyers, Martin Stolar, after court Tuesday.
Castillo alleges that McMillan repeatedly told the couple not to answer the officer's questions, and prevented Delcanizo from handing over his ID:
When I asked Mr. Delcanizo for identification, I observed the defendant grab Mr. Delcanizo's right hand and state in substance, "No, don't give him your ID," causing Mr. Delcanizo's identification to fall to his lap. When I told the defendant to step away because she was interfering with our theft of services investigation, she stated in substance, "I know the law. I'm a lawyer. Don't cooperate with them."

Castillo says that when he tried to walk Chamorro and Delcanizo to the precinct office to do a warrant check, McMillan got in the way: "When I attempted to walk around her, I observed her repeatedly move to block my path, and further observed that she refused to comply with my orders to step away." He says, too, that McMillan didn't listen to his orders to stay away from the office, shaking the door handle and saying, "Let me in. Don't cooperate with them."

Choi is listed as the prosecutor in that case as well. McMillan is charged with obstruction of governmental administration, and would face no more than a year in jail if convicted. The incident allegedly occurred nearly two years after the Occupy arrest, but judging from their cross-examination of the defense witnesses, it looks like Choi and Shanda Strain, the other assistant district ttorney on the Occupy case, will use it in their closing arguments, as part of an attempt to portray McMillan as an unrepentant, anti-law enforcement rabble-rouser.

McMillan and her attorneys clearly anticipate that. In her testimony Tuesday, she took care to talk about all the times she's protested side by side with the police. McMillan attended college in Wisconsin and was involved in protests there against the drastic budget cuts implemented by Governor Scott Walker, which mainly affected teachers and public sector workers.

"We participated in demonstrations and protests alongside firefighters, teachers and police," McMillan said. "One time, the police joined us in occupying the Capitol. It was an amazing experience in collective organization."

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Grantley T Bovell

33 years old
(718) 824-3738
Give this goon a nice call. 

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

"I protest with the police" she proclaimed as a show of her support of the police



yet another reason why government employees should NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE IN A UNION

this pits the police against the very people they serve

instead they end up serving those in power

the EXACT methodology used by communist countries to keep the people in line


The video tells the story.  She is being escorted by the officer, she crouches down to build up power and throw her elbow in the officer's face, then she immediately tries to run away, but falls in the process.  That fall and scuffle are what caused her bruise.  This case is closed.  She's guilty.


So the fact that the cop is a thug with a history of beating up civilians and lying about it is irrelevant but that Cecily once tried to help a couple of poor minorities to stick up for their rights is perfectly germane? What a kangaroo court!


@ipsophakto I'm new to this case, and have just now read all of the background and watched the video.  I'm nearly positive I would have returned a guilty verdict against Ms. McMillan if I had been on the jury.


@ipsophakto  Whether or not she intended to inflict harm on him is a moot point.  The guy seized her breast and that could be considered sexual assault.
Oh, but I forgot.  The police are able to operate with impunity!  Keep thinking that and deluding yourself that this kind of behavior hasn't forced us onto the precipice of a historical revolution.


@ipsophakto You don't know that. It's said that the video doesn't show what happened before then, which is when the officer is said to have assaulted her. There is also photographic evidence of the hand-shaped mark on her breast that the officer is said to have given her.

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

@nick.pendergast @ipsophakto  


I would agree that the police powers in this country have grown out of control

but when the potus takes the law and broadens it as Obama has done

and has the backing of the msm and many of the OWS crowd

its a tough road to fight back for freedom


when the same people want the ACA , as one example

Asking the government to "be the power" when it comes to perceived good , the ACA etc

and then not understanding that that comes with a price is

naivity at best

think that through

sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter

@rappold40 @ipsophakto  

it not considered an assault if in the process of the cop doing his job she was touched,

even roughly 

and of course since the left claims the breasts are not sexual

the inference and the "shock"we are suppose to feel for her breasts area "assault"

is no longer there

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