Celebrity-Stuffed PETA Video Denounces Carriage Horse Industry, Urges de Blasio To Ban It Already

The PETA video is a tone-deaf compilation of old, tired, and false material. For instance, none of the pictures of accidents in the video is more recent than 2007! (Some of the photos of dead horses that died accidentally are from 15 or 20 years ago... Funny how PETA doesn't show photos of the thousands of dead animals that it KILLS every year...)

This is a desperate attempt on the part of a few very wealthy donors to PETA and to Bill de Blasio's mayoral campaign to remind the Mayor who bought and paid for him on this issue. NYCLASS boardmember Wendy Neu is one of the top 10 or 15 donors to PETA, giving in excess of $100,000 every year (how much in excess we don't know...). Neu also spent $387,000 on New York City Is Not For Sale, and led many of the Anybody But Quinn rallies. She expects for her investment to pay off, and is no doubt frustrated by the Mayor's inaction on the carriage horse issue in City Council. In 2011, Manhattan Mini Storage gave $125,000 to fund the Lea Michele PETA ad shown in the video. Manhattan Mini Storage's CEO at the time was NYCLASS co-president and co-founder Steve Nislick. Nislick said in 2011 on the tapes I recorded of him at a NYCLASS function that PETA was "great with the celebrities." So, PETA's helped a handful of their big donors out by lining up a bunch of footage of celebrities, NONE of whom has been to the stables or who has any knowledge of horses.

I have personally invited Kathy Najimy to tour the stables with me, and she has refused.

I think by now most New Yorkers are educated enough about the carriage industry to be unswayed by PETA's rehashed hyperbole. The idea that the majority of New Yorkers are against carriage horses? Quinnipiac says that's not true. The horses live in concrete boxes? Every inspector, reporter, veterinarian, and City Council member who has been to the stable knows that's a lie. Carriages are banned in London, Paris and Toronto? False. Carriage horses go to slaughter? Not true - they currently get adopted into retirement homes through, but will be at risk for slaughter if they are banned and rendered homeless all at once.

The overwhelming majority of New Yorkers know that the carriage horses are well-cared for, that we do good things for the horses by giving them homes and jobs, that they have a retirement program through Blue Star Equiculture, and that the anti-carriage-horse activists have spent 30 years lying about our industry to promote a radical animal rights agenda. New Yorkers don't want working class carriage drivers with families to lose their livelihoods. They don't want more cars. They want to keep the city's iconic carriage horses.

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