Nine of 12 Jurors Who Convicted Occupy Protestor Cecily McMillian Ask Judge to Go Easy on Her

The letter was uploaded to Facebook by Justice For Cecily member Yoni Miller. Here it is:

Jury Letter by Yoni Jakob Brombacher Miller

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Robert Cardinelle
Robert Cardinelle

Where is her big mouth now? OH PLEASE!!, she cries. But before all she could do was act like a big mouth. Where are all her protester friends now? Outside holding Free Cecily placards. She should have thought this through before she did the crime. And, what did she accomplish anyway? NOTHING!! Oh, yes, she got her disorderly buzz on during the Occupy protests. Whoopiedoo!


Uh...there was no crime. She was in a park celebrating (not protesting) with friends. The park is open 24 hours but the police arbitrarily decided to bash heads that night and empty it out of FEAR someone might pitch a tent. They confiscated donuts and bagels once too out of FEAR someone was putting up a kitchen again. Her only crime was BEING there. Would you want your daughter, sister, wife or mother treated this way? And she has not been abandoned by her Occupy friends and the SMART people of NYC. What's your beef with Occupy anyway? Do you WANT money to control our country and politics? And btw, I wonder what happened to those DONUTS they confiscated? New Yorkers  understand what the NYPD is about. The fact that the juducial system is complicit with this is the real horror. I bet you think you are a patriot, even though you obviously don't care about the 1st and 4th Amendment.

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