Former Hacker Hector "Sabu" Monsegur Gets Time Served After "Extraordinary" Cooperation With Feds

Facing a "barrage of publicity," Cross-Goldenberg and Weinstein say, Monsegur couldn't return home. He faced threats from other Anonymous members, and the FBI ultimately moved him and several of his family members to an undisclosed location. He continued working for the feds, but the "crushing publicity" took its toll, his lawyers say, and in the spring of 2012 he made several unauthorized posts online. His bail was revoked and he spent seven months at the Metropolitan Detention Complex, (where he taught computer skills classes to other inmates).

Monsegur's attorneys say that since his re-release in December 2012, he's been unable to find work because of the pending charges against him, as well as a provision restricting his computer use. Although he faced 21 to 26 months in prison, the New York Times reports that the office of U.S. District Attorney for New York's Southern District Preet Bharara asked for a much lower sentence, in light of his work for the government.

They got it: Monsegur received time served and one year of probation, in which his computer activities will be monitored.

"I assure you I will not be in this courtroom ever again," he reportedly told the judge. "I'm not the same person you saw three years ago. I'm ready to move on."

His lawyers say he has a bright future ahead of him. "Mr. Monsegur has incredible computer skills that can be put to good use," they wrote in the pre-sentencing report. "He would like to use his skills as both a systems adminstrator and a teacher. As his friend [redacted] puts it, Mr. Monsegur is "truly a great asset to the human race as a whole.'"

But, they add, he'll be "forever marred" by this case. Not long ago, Monsegur and a friend were at a gas station, where he was identified by two people in a car next to him, who "called out to him while looking at information about him on their smartphones."

"The extraodinary publicity that came along with his cooperation," the attorneys conclude, "will follow him forever."

Anonymous-affiliated Twitter accounts have, of course, long denounced Monsegur as a "snitch" and a traitor. Yesterday, though, Your Anon News, one of the more "official" mouthpieces for the group (as much as such a thing is possible) had a more muted reaction, tweeting this at Monsegur's old Twitter handle:

Monsegur's pre-sentencing report is on the following page. It has been partially redacted. Not by us.

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