It's Almost Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, And Here Are Three Who Need Your Help

Image via Brooklyn Animal Action
Somebody take Flame home and pet him forever.
We all did terrible things this winter -- think of the subway fares evaded, the stingy tips left for delivery guys, the string of unsolved arsons committed up and down the East Coast. Now summer is almost upon us, and that means it's time to improve your karma. Luckily for you, June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month .

Every spring, animal shelters across the country are deluged with kittens (seriously: the Humane Society calls it "kitten season," and it happens because people don't spay and neuter their pets). New York shelters are buried under an annual monsoon of tiny whiskers and little paws. But the kittens often get adopted fairly quickly, while the slightly older cats sharing space with them at the city's shelters and animal rescues can languish without real homes for a very long time.

Brooklyn Animal Action is one of many rescue organizations who saves cats (and the occasional dog) from both the street and the city-run Animal Care and Control. From May 31 to June 1, they're waiving the adoption fees for all their cats. Thanks to a grant, BAA will also be reimbursed if any of the animals being adopted need surgery or medical care. Here are three of their current fosters who could really use your help:

1. Knut the Viking Chieftain

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Animal Action

Knut was rescued from the mean Brooklyn streets and has been thriving in a foster home ever since. He's healthy, has all his shots, and likes other cats, as long as they let him be in charge. His foster mom describes him as "a real character" who will follow his humans around all day, then pass out on their beds. Here's a video of him sneak-attacking the end of a shawl:

Knut's full listing on Adopt a Pet is here.

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