Let's Not Forget Michael Alig Brutally Murdered and Dismembered Angel Melendez, Then Bragged About It For Months

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For months after the killing--and before a piece of Angel Melendez's torso washed up on Staten Island--Alig bragged about the murder to friends. Per Owen:

Several confidential sources, only one of whom would speak on the record, claim that former Limelight promoter Michael Alig has told them that, his press denials notwithstanding, he did indeed kill his sometimes roommate Angel earlier this year. They say that Alig has made the stunning confession to a number of people, among them former New York club czar Rudolf, Chicago house diva Screaming Rachel, Calvin Klein model Genitalia, Limelight lighting director Arthur Weinstein, and Alessarndra Kobayashi, Limelight owner Peter Gatien's business partner and common-law wife.

Alig didn't forget that part, but he does try to rationalize it away. "I was less terrified about being caught than going to hell. I think that's why I confessed to Gitsie and some of the other people I knew," he writes in the Post.

In months that passed after the murder, while Alig boasted about it, Angel's brother Johnny was pasting posters up around Manhattan, desperately seeking any information about his brother's whereabouts, and trying in vain to get the police to open a case.

In his own version of the events, Alig dispenses with Johnny Melendez's anguish in two sentences. Johnny Melendez, he writes, "was badgering [the police] for answers. He was pressing the issue and was frustrated nobody was searching for Angel."

Eighteen years later, it's easy to see what's remained the same about Alig. He is still a shock artist, relishing details like the way he sprayed Calvin Klein cologne over Melendez's decomposing body, and a shameless self-promoter, enumerating to the Times his plans for shows he'll pitch to Vice and MTV.

It's less clear what, if anything, has changed since he went to prison for killing Melendez. He certainly doesn't seem reflective about his crime. The last sentence in his piece detailing how he murdered Melendez? "I'm glad I've survived."

Of all the media coverage that has been been lavished on Alig since his release, the lone bright spot is a brief aside in the Times that comes after a mention of the memoir Alig is writing: "Sample chapters have been sent to two literary agents, but no deal has been signed. The agents were concerned that the chapters didn't express enough remorse, Ms. Haynes said."

On the next page, read Michael Musto's 1996 columns that first broke the news, as well as Frank Owen's 1996 cover story, "Murder in Clubland"...

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