Rightbloggers: Santa Barbara Killer Elliot Rodger's Sexist Rants Have Nothing To Do With Sexism (Or Guns)

"Elliot Rodger Wasn't a Misogynist," wrote Donald Douglas at American Power. "He was a misanthropist and narcissistic postmodern leftist." The proof: In his manifesto, before he fantasized about torturing women to death, he said he wanted to "inflict pain on all young couples." Since only men can actually feel pain, Rodger is exempt from misogyny. QED! (Douglas also wrote something called "The So-Called 'Men's Rights Movement' is a Far-Left Progressive Project," which has to be seen to be disbelieved -- well, okay, it doesn't have to be.)

For those of you who prefer the old-school version. (Via.)
"Curiously, American media outlets like the Chicago Tribune, NPR, CNN, and NBC LA have refused to name the suspect," wrote insurrectionist Bob Owens at Bearing Arms. Owens did not consider that these networks might have been waiting for confirmation before releasing that information; instead he fantasized that the press "seem to have circled the proverbial wagons around this son of Hollywood royalty in a protective measure... the gun control groups and the mainstream media are more interested in protecting the image of their progressive Hollywood allies than they are telling the story of what happened last night." So Hollyweird's to blame! "As George Orwell noted, 'Some animal are better than others,'" intoned Owens. "...You made your monster, Hollywood. No wonder your allies seem invested in covering it up to minimize the damage." Wow, sounds like a feller could get hisself killed in Hollyweird! Wonder why people would want to live there, when they could be bunking up in a nice survivalist compound.

All-caps aficionado Reliapundit of The Astute Bloggers yelled that since in his manifesto Rodger "ASSERTS THAT ALL POST-PUBESCENT 14-22 YEARS OLD SINGLE MALES MUST NOT BE MERE VIRGINS AND SHOULD BE HAVING LOTS OF SEX" and "THAT HUMANITY AS A WHOLE IS BAD AND DESERVES ANNIHILATION" which are "TENETS OF THE POSTMODERN LEFT," Rodger is a "PSYCHO SPEWING POSTMODERNIST CRAP," which exempts him from sexism or anything else of which a conservative might be accused.

"Another far left mass murderer," skreeed Jim Hoft at The Gateway Pundit. How so? "Elliot Rodger was a fan of the far left 'Young Turks' YouTube Channel. The Young Turks was one of his favorited channels. The Young Turk describes itself as 'a young progressive or insurgent member of an institution.' The host of the channel Cenk Uygur is a far left political activist and former MSNBC host." Deny his airtight logic, libs! Hoft didn't mention sexism, perhaps having exhausted his sympathy for females in his earlier post, "#WarOnWomen - Filthy Leftist Threatens to Shoot Dana Loesch in the C*nt #Tolerance."

At the same time, rightbloggers were also insisting that the slaughter, in which Rodger used a combination of guns and knives, had nothing to do with guns. "Desperate to draw a Larger Lesson from the deadly Santa Barbara shootings?" asked Patterico, whose reasoning was typical. "OK; but it should not be about gun control or pick-up artists." Case closed! "And yes, I saw the video footage (repeatedly) of the father of one of the victims blaming the NRA and congress for the death of his son," sighed Jazz Shaw at Hot Air. "...He's struck with grief and lashing out. If he chooses to later allow the Left to make him some sort of poster boy for gun control and puts himself on the playing field, we can revisit the subject." You get a pass for now, libtard victim's father!

17 months after Sandy Hook, we're all used to that "whatever happened, it can't be the guns" routine. That's why this "whatever happened, it can't be the misogyny" response to Rodger sounds familiar. In A Voice For Men's response -- which finds it "sad that feminists will take the dead bodies of innocent young people and parade them as evidence for something that doesn't exist and never has" (and is "Filed under: Gynocentrism") -- we also hear echoes of the NRA's who-us reactions to mass shootings.

It's interesting, though, that we don't hear it applied nearly as often to obvious misogynistic violence as we do to gun violence. Maybe it's because ignoring such violence entirely is the brethren's preferred modus operandi for making it go away. And maybe not just theirs.

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