Anthony Weiner Pulls Twitter Boner

image via Twitter/emphasis added
Anthony Weiner, Twitter man (artist's conception)
At about 8 a.m. today, Anthony Weiner, former representative of New York's Ninth Congressional District, unsuccessful mayoral candidate, and reformed sexy texter, had 27 Twitter favorites.

They included some tweets about hockey (he's a fan) and some compliments on his new-ish column (he writes about politics and hockey).

Her Instagram avatar
The lovely Paris.
Oh, and at least six photos of this Orange County, California woman , who goes by ParisDylan550 on Instagram and ParisRoxanne0 on Twitter.

We don't know much about Paris, except that she's lovely. She poses not infrequently in her underwear and has some 41,000 Instagram followers who are thrilled every time she does. While Weiner doesn't have an Instagram, he favorited several Instagram links Paris posted to Twitter, including a link to this photo , which features her in her underwear and a Bob Dylan T-shirt. (Her Instagram profile declares her as "Future Mrs Bob Dylan.")

She may be a New York Rangers fan.

Weiner's Twitter favs are on the minds of the New York press corps this morning, after Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski noticed the former Congressman had favorited a link to a story about Tinder and sexting, two words Anthony Weiner should try to stay far, far away from:

A scroll-through of Weiner's other Twitter favorites circa 8:30 revealed a plethora of Paris, but on a 9 a.m. refresh, his favs had been wiped clean. (To my eternal chagrin, I didn't grab a screenshot before they vanished.) But a cached version of his Twitter page shows that he had 27 favorites yesterday -- albeit not what they were. If memory serves, he'd favorited the Dylan undies shot and at least five others, including this one:

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