NYC Bronies: Meet Two Generations of My Little Pony Fans at Big Apple Ponycon

"Well, the show was originally designed for little girls and their parents, but I'm not a little girl or the parent of a little girl, so we're not really the target audience," says 16-year-old Henry, a brony who lives on the Upper West Side.

"And yet, we have become the target audience."

Bronies -- non-traditional fans of the popular children's series, My Little Pony -- come in all ages. Henry, and Bill, 70, represent two generations of bronies. We followed the two at the recent 2014 Big Apple Ponycon convention in Jersey City.

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Big Apple Ponycon
Big Apple Ponycon

Thank you Village Voice for showing the average Bronies rather than following the least common denominator formula of only showing the most outlandish as much of the media usually do. While our members and fanbase are generally on the younger side between Henry and Bill, these two are typical of the attitude and likability of the Bronies NYC crowd and fans at Big Apple Ponycon. While several members like to cosplay (wear costumes to events for competition) which tend to confuse people on the outside - most wear an MLP t-shirt and some swag or simply come along to the meet ups and conventions to hang out with others, enjoy the message of friendship in the show and participate in fan fun. The convention was great fun and safe for all fans from families to grown ups. We had great comments and thanks from all generations for bringing the whole fan base together including Kids, families, Bronies and all who love the show to participate in a family friendly setting. We hope other media can learn from the amount of time Lea put into this story to get to the REAL people rather than just the most flashy dressed. THANK YOU for your true journalistic integrity in an ever fading world of quality journalism. YOU STILL ROCK!

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