Progress: The FDNY Now Has as Many Female Firefighters as It Did In 1982

A discussion between the UWF and the FDNY public relations team revealed that the FDNY was including uniformed medical staff in their overall numbers of women, instead of just counting firefighters and fire officers.

In an email to the Voice yesterday, FDNY spokesperson Elisheva Zakheim defended that 47 number as being "technically correct," but said the FDNY won't count medical staff in their official numbers anymore. She wrote: "The 47 number while being technically correct in terms of payroll for uniformed members of the Fire service - the 41 is a reflection those who rose through the rank of Firefighter. Going forward, the numbers will reflect that definition."

"I'm extremely happy to see us reach this historic number," UWF president Sarinya Srisakul tell us. "It's sad that it took the department 32 years, but we -- the UWF -- are working hard to change our numbers. Three out of the four graduates trained with us, and I've watched one of them throughout her entire process of becoming a firefighter. Tw of the women are coming to my area, and one to my battalion. The changes are real, and are affecting me and my personal life in a very positive way. I'm just really happy and proud of these women. The hard work that me and my organization put forth is all made worthwhile today."

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