Rent Guidelines Board Approves Pointless Yet Deeply Infuriating One-Percent Increase

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He really does have a point.
In a move that angered everyone and pleased precisely nobody, the city's Rent Guidelines Board voted last night in a meeting at Cooper Union to increase the rent on rent-stabilized apartments by one percent. That's after Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a rent freeze , saying at an unrelated press conference that the city is locked in an "unfair pattern."

"We've had a pattern in recent years of tenants being charged substantial increases," he said at the presser yesterday, "while the actual costs to landlords did not increase anywhere near the same amount."

The mayor's words were apparently for naught. As the Times points out, two of the six people de Blasio appointed to the board actually voted in favor of the increase.

New York Communities for Change, a non-profit that advocates for low- and middle-income families, circulated a petition for months before the vote took place, calling on the board to freeze the rents, as did many other advocacy groups, including Make the Road New York and the Metropolitan Housing Council. As the vote took place, tenants' rights groups and affordable housing organizations packed Cooper Union's Great Hall, shouting, waving signs, and generally making their displeasure known:

After the vote, the board beat a hasty retreat as irate tenants stormed the stage:

The mayor's office has tried to position the one-percent increase as some sort of victory, with spokesperson Wiley Norvell telling the Times he's heartened that the increase is a "historic low." A $2,000 apartment, for example, will see an increase of $20.

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frank124c topcommenter

All landlords are slime who suck the blood of the poor people! 

David Betak
David Betak

I as well as many of my friends can not afford to live in any part of New York. I can only come in to visit one or two times a year. Not even living on Staten Island,

Da Martyr
Da Martyr

i have a nice apartment studio with unbelievable cheap rent. The catch? Its in Staten Island.

Matthew Storey
Matthew Storey

There is no more stomach turning feudalist example than these landlords who spend 3x as much on Attorney fees trying to evict tenants than they do on maintenance acting as if they are aggrieved by not having pricing latitude or increases. These are passive investments, inherited assets that allow units built 100 years ago with faulty plumbing, tiny space and dirty hallways to rent for $2,500 with demand at full capacity. License to print money and pleading poverty. Despicable.

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