As Wrongful Convictions Mount, the NYPD Announces Reviews of Murder Arrests

Scarcella has become the poster boy for this recent wave of wrongful convictions in New York City, and Brooklyn in particular. But the institutional flaws that enabled the misconduct ran far deeper than him. Thompson's Conviction Integrity Unit is also reviewing more than 30 cases that Scarcella was not involved in. The office has exonerated three people in cases Scarcella did not investigate.

With that as a backdrop, the NYPD announced earlier this week that it will begin more closely reviewing its murder arrests, both new and old.

"We see cases from the past, things that have happened in the '80s and '90s," Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told the Daily News, which first reported the review. "We have to ensure we're not doing that now and put safeguards in."

The News reported that the review team meets once a week, paying particular attention to how a suspect was identified and whether physical evidence matches up with confessions and witness statements.

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