Lost Out on Sex.com? Sex.nyc Will Soon Be Available at a Domain Auction Near You

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The bidding wars for .nyc domains are about to get cah-ray-zee.
When the web address Sex.com was sold in 2012 for a reported $13 million, it was most likely the highest price ever paid for a single domain name. And precisely no one was surprised that particular address attracted the big money.

Since the dawn of the internet, companies have been willing to pay serious coin for domain names like Sex.com that are, well, straightforward. They're memorable, and they can even improve search engine rankings.

That's why people are waiting eagerly for a new segment of domain names, ending with ".nyc," to become available on Aug. 4. Just imagine the possibilities: realestate.nyc; ironicmustaches.nyc; marijuanadelivery.nyc. Hell, maybe sex.nyc. They're all winners.

New York's extension was officially established back in May of 2013 by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, after the New York City Council approved the plan. Several other cities created similar extensions around the same time. ICANN is an international nonprofit organization that, essentially, acts as a phone book for the internet, assigning names to owners and making sure no two groups claim ownership of the same domain.

Even though the bidding hasn't officially begun, the new domains are already attracting attention in the world of the interwebs.

Gerardo Aristizabal runs the domain registrar Hello NYC, which acts as portal for those looking to snap up valuable addresses like, say, bedbugexterminator.nyc or whatsmellslikeurine.nyc. He said inquiries are already flooding in.

"It becomes like real estate," Aristizabal says. "People want the best locations."

The new range of .nyc domain names will allow for memorable URLs, but they might also help companies show up at the top of search engine results. When you type a search term into Google, one of the many factors that affects the listings is whether or not the site you land on contains the keywords you're searching for.

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