Photos: The Macy's Fireworks Show Returned to the East River Tonight

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C.S. Muncy
The annual Macy's Fireworks show returned to the East River tonight, after a five-year run of explosions over the Hudson. Brooklynite and Mayor Bill de Blasio worked on the campaign to move the show back, a decision that was announced in April.

Photographer C.S. Muncy brings back these images of the fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge, photographed from Robert F Wagner Sr Place and South Street in Lower Manhattan.

C.S. Muncy

Here are a few more images of tonight's show over the East River, shared on Twitter:

And here's how the fireworks looked from Hoboken, west of the Hudson, rising beyond the Manhattan skyline:

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Karen Stephens
Karen Stephens

FUBAR on the Manhattan side if you didn't pony up for tickets. None of the listed entry points were actual entry points from the westside. You had to go 10 blocks south just to cross South Street. NYPD didn't open the north side of the FDR until after it started getting dark, then the barge between the Manhattan Bridge & Brooklyn Bridge was moved south. Crowd control & access on the westside was MUCH better

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