Some Jerk Is Dressing Up Like a Clown And Roaming Around Green-Wood Cemetery [Updated]

Photo by tipster Ryan Jackson
The clown peers out from behind a gravestone at Green-Wood.
Clown-related viral marketing stunts: they have to stop. Back in March, we as a city dealt with the Staten Island Clown, who obviously turned out to be the brainchild of a small-time film production company. Last year, Northampton, England dealt with a similarly terrifying weirdo, who dubbed himself "Spot" and, until June, maintained a Facebook page.

But now, in what has officially gone too far, somebody's dressing up like a clown and wandering around Brooklyn's historic Green-Wood Cemetery.

A cemetery. An active, working cemetery where people are still buried. This is really, really not okay.

We learned of the existence of Green-Wood clown from a tipster named Ryan Jackson, who emailed us the above photos. As you can see, they depict a boor with no sense of taste or decorum wearing a clown suit and toting balloons through a damn cemetery.

"I saw a post in South Slope News about the Greenwood Cemetary Clown," Jackson wrote to us, referencing this excellent piece from a full five days ago. "I seen him too and I want to share an image with you. This was from a week ago. He was near a lake. I took this from far away, I was not interested in getting closer. He seemed very happy at the cemetery, he didn't like that I spotted him."

Photo by Ryan Jackson
Once again, this guy.

South Slope News wrote that it received the pictures from a fellow who describes himself on Twitter as a "visual artist/curator." He told South Slope that the clown is "definitely haunting" the cemetery, adding, "He was very timid and ran away whenever I got closer. I did find a Build a Bear bag nearby where I found him that had a womans umbrella and a bag of fritos [sic]... very strange."

Yeah. It's a head-scratcher, for sure. There are also some *vErY sPoOky* YouTube videos, uploaded by someone calling himself "Bruno Leo" who hasn't uploaded anything else:

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